Newsletter for October 2021

You can now hold an actual 2022 Bareroot Catalog in your hands and peruse it at your leisure! There are just a few items that are unavailable – either because of pre-ordering or shortages from the grower. As always, we have a great selection, in part due to our mail order business. Feel free to order at any time. The tree roses are not included in the catalog since we do not ship them, but you can find the list here at the nursery.

Prime time for planting California natives is now! Choices include the Matilija Poppy (Romneya coulteri) – a very popular and stunning native perennial. Check out the manzanitas – the 15 gallon Dr. Hurd and Mt. St. Helena are expensive but impressive. We almost always have Howard McMinn on hand; the leaves are a bright shade of green and it’s considered one of the most garden tolerant varieties. Howard will grow about 4 or 5 feet tall.

Let’s hear a warm welcome for the annuals of fall and winter. The cast includes pansies, violas, Calendulas, snapdragons, stock, as well as our own native California poppies. The poppies are available in both 4″ and jumbo packs. The 4″ poppies are Copper Pot, exhibiting a darker shade of orange. You can wait till the prospects of rain are imminent and throw out lots of seeds as well. We’ll have a greater selection of fall seeds later in the season.

Check out the tables with 4 ” perennials. Some of the great bargains include the native Salvia, Salvia apiana (White sage) and a charming small Silene, Druett’s uniflora variegata. This plant has unusual white flowers in spring that appear to be encased in little balloons. The Silene grows about 2 to 4″ tall and 8 to 12″ wide. If you see any green shoots appear, be sure to remove them. As with many variegated plants the green can overtake the variegation.

Guaranteed – these deer will NOT eat your plants!

And not a strict guarantee, but it seems most plants in the sage family are also left alone. We just received this beauty – ‘Pink pong’. the plant will grow 2 – 3 ft. tall and wide. Bright pink flowers adorn this vigorous and free flowering Salvia. Other Salvia are available including the all time favorite, ‘Hot Lips’.

We just received some exquisite vases made in Nicaragua. They vary in size and design – would make great gifts – if you can bear to part with them!

Most all of the fall bulbs have arrived. New this year is the “Spider Lily”, Lycoris radiata. They are native to China and Japan. 1 1/2 foot tall stalks bear flowers in late summer or early fall. Plant in an area that will stay dry during the summer months or plant in containers and with-hold water in summer. Another new bulb is the daffodil ‘White Petticoat’ with an unusual open form in pure white.

Two varieties of strawberries are available in jumbo packs – Eversweet and Quinalt. In the vegetable department the hybrid Brokali returns. Asparagus plants are here in 4″ and 1 gallon pots. You can still plant lots of herbs including French tarragon.