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Newsletter for October 2021

You can now hold an actual 2022 Bareroot Catalog in your hands and peruse it at your leisure! There are just a few items that are unavailable – either because of pre-ordering or shortages from the grower. As always, we

Newsletter for September 2021

Fall is on the radar and Bay Laurel Garden Center is preparing for its entrance. Petunias are rather passe at this point with a few exceptions. ‘Indian Summer’, aptly named, is a trailing variety with changing hues of yellow to

Newsletter for August 2021

Add this stunning perennial shrub to your collection for mid-summer to late fall bloom. This variety of hardy Hibiscus moscheutos is ‘Blackberry Merlot’. The dark red flowers can be as large as 8″ wide. The plant will die down completely

Newsletter for July 2021

Color the garden for summer. We have myriad delights to enhance your outdoor living. Two really popular plants: Dahlia and Agastache. We have an awesome variety of Dahlias including some of the giant flowered dinner plate types. There are smaller

Newsletter for June 2021

The Buddleias or “Butterfly Bush” has been extremely popular this season. And for so many reasons! They come in an array of many colors – dark purple, lavender, fuchsia and white. Additionally, they emit a very sweet fragrance. There are

Newsletter for May 2021

The changing palette of California native plants. We have blooming perennials including the Penstemon ‘Margareta Bop’ discovered at the Las Pilitas Nursery in Santa Margarita. The brilliant colors make it a local favorite Mimulus ‘Eleanor’, at sub-shrub growing 2 –

Newsletter for April 2021

Among the many glories of spring – flowering trees. We have some lovely specimens of cherries, crabapples and plums. Of course, fruiting trees also have their beautiful blossoms. We potted the fruit trees that remained from the bareroot season and

Newsletter for March 2021

Time to say farewell to another bareroot season. The few remaining fruit trees will be potted up. Still available are several figs, pomegranates and shade trees. The roses are newly situated in biodegradable containers ready to be planted. It’s almost

Newsletter for February 2021

Last chance for bareroot roses. We still have some beauties left – shrubs including Abbaye de Cluny, Liv Tyler and Yves Piaget plus a great selection of tree roses. Amazing how early these plants start to leaf out. And if

Newsletter for January 2021

Gardening doesn’t stop with winter weather here in California! The time for planting fruit trees, berries and roses has arrived. This particular season compares with last spring – crazy! Our best suggestion is “Don’t wait”. We sold out of many