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Newsletter for October 2019

Colorize your garden for fall. Add some ‘Purple Baron’ Millet to your containers along with mums in shades of red, orange and yellow. Plant some Calendulas to bloom throughout the winter. Pansies and Violas have arrived in all sorts of

Newsletter for September 2019

Our annual fruit tree sale has begun. We have many really handsome trees for planting. Our bareroot season does offer more choices, but these trees have the advantage of an entire years growth – and the price is right! Five

Newsletter for July 2019

We’ve managed to keep the heat down so far – isn’t it perfect for gardening! We still have lots of great plants for your summer planting. A perennial favorite is the “Cone flower” – Echinacea. We have gallons of yellow,

Newsletter for June 2019

The warm days of summer are fast approaching – best to prepare! Load up on the wide selection of plants we offer to make your garden a lovely oasis. One can easily dwell on Salvias. This diverse group of plants

Newsletter for May 2019

Your mother’s old petunias have definitely been upgraded! Here are two of the new flashy ones – Caramel and Night Sky. We also have many other varieties in 6 packs. This month is just bursting with color; the dependable perennials

Newsletter for April 2019

The many colors of spring! Here’s a new Calibrachoa (relative of the petunia). This somewhat new addition to the annual palette blooms longer and better than petunias. It is great in hanging baskets and in containers. This newest variety is

Newsletter for March 2019

Last call for bareroot! Still available many scrumptious varieties. Fuji apples – perhaps the most favorite apple. Red apples – very desirable. The perfect pairing – Red Fuji apple! We have a good selection of figs, peaches and nectarines in

Newsletter for February 2019

Don’t they look delicious? We’ve just about reached the halfway mark with our bareroot, season and there are still some great choices out there! ‘Fairtime’ peach is one of the latest to bear – September. The freestone, yellow fleshed peach

Newsletter for January 2019

Each day brings us closer to harvest with the delicious images of fresh picked peaches and apples and blackberries! And now is the time for planting. We have our usual amazing selection. Most of the fruit trees offer choices in

Newsletter for December 2018

Conifer time! Gorgeous greens and blues to celebrate the season. We have a great selection of Nordmann firs and Colorado Blue Spruce along with some more unusual varieties such as Austrian and Bosnian pines. We have instructions for indoor use