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Newsletter for September 2022

Lantanas are great hot weather plants. We’ve previously concentrated on the cold hardy types, but some of the less hardy are great color additions. And there are lots of vibrant colors. The upright, mounding ones include gold, orange, red, yellow/white

Newsletter for August 2022

We’re trying to cover the North County with Crape myrtles! They’re in their prime right now – one of the best summer flowering trees that flourish in our heat. Crape myrtles are found in various sizes and colors. This particular

Newsletter for July 2022

Add summer flowering trees to your landscape. Perhaps the best known is the Crape Myrtle. Some lovely older specimens are scattered throughout town. The color selection includes white, pink, watermelon red, lavender and bright crimson. Provide average water and occasional

Newsletter for June 2022

Although the Shasta daisy is a staple in the perennial garden ‘Betsy’ is a standout. The flowers on ‘Betsy’ are the largest by far. Flowers can reach 5 to 7″ across and the plant grows 30″ tall. In contrast, we

Newsletter for May 2020

May is exploding in the colors of spring! There are myriad choices to make amongst annual and perennial flowers. Starting with perennials, Salvia is a great one for our area – choose Salvia greggii (many colors), Salvia ‘Black and Bloom’,

Newsletter for April 2022

It sure is spring! Our vegetable gardeners are out en masse. And we have lots of plants to fill the containers and beds. You can purchase tomatoes in 6 packs, 4″ pots and even 1 gallons. Everyone has their favorite

Newsletter for March 2022

You can grow your own delicious, juicy, sweet strawberries. These plants are just starting to arrive in the nursery. At present, we have Sequoia – large, spring bearing berries and Seascape, a large everbearing variety. Other varieties will soon be

Newsletter for February 2022

Asparagus lovers wait no longer! We have very large bareroot plants to satisfy your passion. And we have lots of other vegetables to plant in the winter garden. Check out Sugar Snap and Chinese peas, many types of lettuce, Swiss

Newsletter for January 2022

Start off the new year with a fruit tree planting at our bare root website ! Begin small with just one tree or plant an entire home orchard. We have a lot of choices. Some of the tried and

Newsletter for December 2021

Greenery! And what diversity you will find. We have handsome Nordmann firs and Colorado spruce for living Christmas trees and more. For the formal garden you will find rounded and sculpted evergreens. Inside our main building the holiday offerings include