Newsletter for October 2023

The days get shorter and cooler and exciting possibilities tempt the gardener at Bay Laurel Garden Center in Atascadero. Late blooming perennials extend the season of color. The new hues of Echinacea are definitely tempting. Red Gaillardias are a relatively new addition to the genus and they are a hardy addition to the perennial garden. Salvias also just keep churning out their colorful flowers in so many shades. Salvia chamaedryoides flowers in sky blue and marine blue.

The long awaited fall vegetable starts have arrived at Bay Laurel Garden Center. We’ll keep adding as more become available. Lettuce seems to be on the top of everyone’s list so we’re going for lots of variety. We have artichokes in gallons and 4″ as well as 4″ rhubarb. Don’t forget to throw in a few jumbo packs of strawberries – nothing beats home grown!

We have fall bulbs, of course, at Bay Laurel Garden Center. We have a great selection of daffodils because they have so many great attributes – deer and gopher resistance, year after year performance and a very cheerful demeanor! A couple of new additions this year – wood hyacinths and fritillaria. Arriving later are paper whites and amaryllis.

There is no better time than fall for the planting of California natives. Our selection is extensive at Bay Laurel Garden Center in Atascadero. Native Salvias vary in size with most bearing lavender flowers in spring. The Clevelandii varieties grow into shrubs up to 3 feet tall. ‘Bee’s Bliss’ is a great ground cover. The white sage has tall flowers up to 5 or 6 feet. Manzanitas are the back bone of a native garden. Varieties on hand include ‘Howard McMinn’, ‘Sunset’, ‘John Dourley’ and more.

Say adieu to the vibrant flowers of summer and embrace their worthy counterparts. What could be more charming than a pansy or viola? And what more dramatic than a plant of dark leaved millet? Add more variety to your fall palette with calendulas, snapdragons, stock, English primroses, and more at Bay Laurel Garden Center!

We assiduously search for deer resistant plants at Bay Laurel Garden Center. We find Euphorbias are an excellent solution. Several varieties are in the genus. Two of the most colorful are ‘Ascot Rainbow’ and ‘Miner’s Merlot’. ‘Tasmanian Tiger’ provides a bright spot in the garden with its white variegation. Euphorbia myrsinites is a very tough ground cover. Most Euphorbias bloom in the very early spring when many other plants are dormant.

Citrus and Avocado trees are on sale at 25% off at Bay Laurel Garden Center in Atascadero. We have Navel and Valencia oranges and several Mandarins. Avocados include Hass, Lamb-Hass, Fuerte and Pinkerton. None of these plants are ideal for the North County – but they can do well if they receive protection from the frost.

You can now wrap your hands around our 2024 Bareroot Catalog at Bay Laurel Garden Center. And you can also go to and get the latest updates on what is currently available and order online. It’s not too early to order – we have sold out of only a few items. There are rumors of a wet winter so you might want to prepare your soil early so you can just slide your bareroot right into its new home.