Newsletter for April 2024

What a lovely time of year this is! We gardeners are so anxious to get out in the garden. You might want to start your spring planting with some hardy shrubs. The rock roses (Cistus) are great candidates. They vary in size and color – flower colors are white and shades of pink.

It’s so reassuring to plant perennials that promise to return year after year. They’re just starting to fill up the bins at Bay Laurel Garden Center. Delphiniums are gorgeous plants in colors white to darkest blue. We stock them in 4″ plants, 6 packs, gallons and even have a few 12″ specimens. These plants seem to thrive in heavy soils but be on the lookout for earwigs!

The North County loves vegetables! Tomatoes top the list of desired plants. There are just too many varieties to be able to carry them all but we try to order the ones that are favorites. The old timers are Early Girl, Celebrity, Better Boy, Sweet 100 and Sungold. Juliet, Cherokee Purple, Black Krim and San Marzano also seem to have a following.

What’s happening in the shade house at Bay Laurel Garden Center in Atascadero? We have a striking new Heuchera from Monrovia. It’s named ‘Red Lightning’ and will surely light up your shady area! The leaf colors on these plants are ever expanding. The plain old green varieties sport charming bell flowers and also merit a place in your shade garden.

A jumbo pack of strawberries seem to go hand in hand with a cart full of vegetables. It’s hard to surpass home grown strawberries. Varieties include Seascape, Chandler, Sequoia and Albion. Although some are classified as everbearing they tend to peter out in the hot summers. A crop of delicious early berries is still worth the effort. We also have other berries in small quart pots including blueberries at Bay Laurel Garden Center.

Summer annuals brighten your borders and containers. Calibrachoas (million bells) are always a favorite. The color palette expands endlessly! We have hanging baskets of these lovelies or you can make up your own at Bay Laurel Garden Center. Check out the marigolds, petunias, sweet peas, Cleome, and nasturtiums among others.

New houseplants are arriving every week at Bay Laurel Garden Center in Atascadero. We have some handsome specimens. The fiddle leaf figs (Ficus lyrata) have been very popular – some of them require a very tall ceiling! We have lots of smaller plants for the more moderate consumer.

We’ve added some new items specifically targeted for hydroponic growers at Bay Laurel Garden Center. Most hydroponic enthusiasts tend to grow marijuana or tomatoes. However, some of these products contain bacteria and mycorrhizae which can be beneficial for any grower.