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Newsletter for December 2018

Conifer time! Gorgeous greens and blues to celebrate the season. We have a great selection of Nordmann firs and Colorado Blue Spruce along with some more unusual varieties such as Austrian and Bosnian pines. We have instructions for indoor use

Newsletter for November 2018

Christmas trees will be arriving in November. Look for Nordmann fir and Colorado blue spruce. Most summer blooming plants are shutting down due to the shorter, cooler days. Ceratostigma griffithii is, however, in all its glory! This large, deciduous shrub

Newsletter for October 2018

We hope you saved some space for fall planting – it’s a great season for planting, especially California natives. Above, three views of the manzanita. Right now we have a wonderful selection. Tallest is ‘Dr. Hurd’, other upright varieties include

Newsletter for September 2018

It wouldn’t be fall at Bay Laurel without our annual Fruit Tree Sale. Take advantage of these great prices to add to or begin your home orchard. Apples, apricots, cherries, nectarines, peaches, plums and pluots in 5 gallons are only

Newsletter for August 2018

Black-eyed Susan – a very general term! This is a fancy one – Rudbeckia ‘Denver Daisy’ – and perhaps one of the showiest. Other plants under the term include many other Rudbeckias – ‘Indian summer’, ‘Irish Eyes’ and ‘Cherokee Sunset’.

Newsletter for July 2018

Color your summer with the many annuals and perennials that flourish in the North County. Perennial Salvias are one of the most popular. ‘Blue Velvet’ is vying for the most popular variety with ‘Hot Lips’. Bright red, fuchsia and yellow

Newsletter for June 2018

Dahlias return with all their alluring shades. Find a spot in your landscape or in a large container – you won’t be disappointed! Dahlias have flowers of yellow, pink, red, orange and purple, plus they have leaves of green and

Newsletter for May 2018

It’s gratifying to see all the dedicated gardeners searching for just the right plant! And what better time to do it than spring? There are so many colorful choices. Calibrachoas are among the most popular hanging baskets. These colorful little

Newsletter for April 2018

Spring is for planting! We have a new selection of roses to enhance your garden. We’ll be bringing more in as the season progresses. Don’t see your favorite? If it’s available, we’ll be happy to add it to our collection.

Newsletter for March 2018

Will March bring us more much needed rain? All fingers are crossed! Plants such as this very handsome variegated Agave will thrive in even the driest situations. The narrow-leaved succulent, Hesperaloe, produces stunning, tall stalks of flowers in coral, yellow