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Newsletter for April 2023

Spring flowering trees are such a joy! Plums, pears, crabapples and red buds. The native redbud grows naturally as a multi-stemmed shrub but can be trained as a tree. It is extremely drought tolerant. The non-native varieties i.e. Canadensis “Oklahoma”

Newsletter for March 2023

As the bareroot season fades into spring the pink sold tape is being removed. That means you still have an opportunity to buy bareroot at Bay Laurel Garden Center in Atascadero. We have a smattering of all sorts of trees

Newsletter for February 2023

Many bareroot plants are now sold out but come check out what’s left at Bay Laurel Garden Center! Honey Queen is a new raspberry which, as you can see, is a lovely golden color with the sweetness of honey. These

Newsletter for January 2023

Perhaps you drove by Bay Laurel Nursery and noticed the stark transformation. Bareroot fruit trees! They are here and ready to be transported to your garden. We cover a lot of ground from apples to pomegranates to blueberries. Check out

Newsletter for December 2022

Ready or not – the holiday season is upon us. And we’re here to help at Bay Laurel Garden Center in Atascadero. We have live Christmas trees small and tall. The lovely Nordmann Firs and Colorado Blue spruce are here.

Newsletter for November 2022

You don’t have to travel to New England for fall color – just look around! Here are a few of the options afforded North County residents. The Chinese Pistache is one of the first to show its colors. The species

Newsletter for October 2022

Our 2023 Bareroot Catalog is now available at Bay Laurel Garden Center. Don’t wait to order! Every day we are running out of more of our bareroot items. As you can see, the cover cleverly points out the relationships between

Newsletter for September 2022

Lantanas are great hot weather plants. We’ve previously concentrated on the cold hardy types, but some of the less hardy are great color additions. And there are lots of vibrant colors. The upright, mounding ones include gold, orange, red, yellow/white

Newsletter for August 2022

We’re trying to cover the North County with Crape myrtles! They’re in their prime right now – one of the best summer flowering trees that flourish in our heat. Crape myrtles are found in various sizes and colors. This particular

Newsletter for July 2022

Add summer flowering trees to your landscape. Perhaps the best known is the Crape Myrtle. Some lovely older specimens are scattered throughout town. The color selection includes white, pink, watermelon red, lavender and bright crimson. Provide average water and occasional