Newsletter for June 2023

Summer nears and there’s a lot to do in the garden! We’re here to help at Bay Laurel Garden Center in Atascadero. It’s time to bring up the fruit trees and roses that were planted from the bareroot season and we have a good supply. The climbing roses will take some time to reach their ultimate height so if you’re wanting a more mature plant we’ve been able to secure some excellent specimens. Give us a call if you want a specific variety.

Salvias are certainly one of the most popular perennials at at Bay Laurel Garden Center. A few factors for their success – great diversity – deer resistance – low water needs. Salvia canariensis ‘Lancelot’ is the newest and probably the most spectacular variety. The furry, silver leaves produce an array of fuchsia/lavender flowers for a long summer bloom.

Of all the Salvias ‘Hot Lips’ is still the most desired. ‘Amethyst’ is a stunning second choice. The purple flowered ‘Amistad’ is a tall striking variety much loved by the hummingbirds. Be sure to leave some room for many of the other types with colors ranging from white to crimson.

Here’s a new and fanciful fig -“Figonemal”. This dwarf tree grows to only 18 inches and yet is purported to produce lots of small, tasty figs. A perfect plant for the patio or small garden from Bay Laurel Garden Center.

Vegetables are still waiting to be planted, but the end is nearing! Check out our supply of tomatoes, squash, eggplant, watermelon and other garden delights. We have seen many gourmet cooks carry out our selection of herbs. We keep replenishing dill, parsley, thyme but also catnip, borage, epazote and other unusual herbs at Bay Laurel Garden Center.

Annuals are the light that brightens up the shade. A great example is the Coleus genus. “Giant Rose” is one of the showiest of all. The Sunpatiens (formerly New Guinea Impatiens) are also colorful additions. Coming this week – some new tuberous Begonias at Bay Laurel Garden Center in Atascadero.

Ground covers can be challenging. Right now flats of Dymondia and rosemary are suitable for difficult situations at Bay Laurel Garden Center. Pink thyme, lantana and gazanias take a bit more care. For shady areas, Vinca major, Lysimachia and ivy are good choices. For smaller areas, Convolvulus sabatius is a lovely low growing choice for sun. Try Campanula for shade. Flowering shrubs that cover a lot of territory and require little water such as Cistus salvifolius, Salvia ‘Bee’s Bliss’ and Cotoneaster can also act as hardy ground cover.

The perfect summer container plant is the sunflower “Sunbelievable”. Keep deadheading and it will keep blooming. You can choose from a wide variety of annuals to fill your pots or your landscape at Bay Laurel Garden Center. Petunias, Calibrachoa (Million Bells), Vinca, Lobelia, Zinnias and more. The slow-release fertilizer Osmocote is great for containers – can last up to 6 months.