Newsletter for September 2023

Relish the arrival of cool, tolerable weather! Fall is fast approaching and we’ll be stocking lots of cool season vegetables at Bay Laurel Garden Center in Atascadero. Pictured here is one of the most reliable and colorful Alstroemarias – ‘Indian Summer’. These plants are noted for their long life as cut flowers. A truly 5 star plant!

The traditional days of ivy geraniums in hanging baskets are over. Enter sun loving Lantana and Vinca. Arriving this week at Bay Laurel Garden Center for the shade are the bountiful Begonias in shades of red.

A striking addition to our exotic house plant collection at Bay Laurel Garden Center is Philodendron selloum ‘Gold’. This plant requires bright, indirect light and should be allowed to dry out between waterings. A hard to find plant, Aglaonema “Silver Bay’ has arrived in an 8” container. These plants are very low maintenance and can get by with low light conditions. We’ll definitely attempt to have more when this specimen sells!

Succulents – a very encompassing category! Our selection at Bay Laurel Garden Center includes the large and small. The more diminutive varieties are suited for containers and small ground covers. A couple of new and unusual varieties are ‘Chocolate Ball’ and ‘Atlantis’. Agaves are great for the landscape – drought tolerant and deer resistant. A handsome variety is ‘Quadracolor’.

Keep the color coming! Make sure you have some late blooming perennials in your garden. Small blue daisies top the California native Aster ‘Purple Haze’. It’s a great addition and also a tough one. Currently in stock at Bay Laurel Garden Center is the dark blue flowered Caryopteris. It grows to about 3 feet and is deciduous. Lantanas and Gaillardias should carry on till frost.

Spectacular Hostas for your shady garden. Great variation in the leaf color can really add drama to the landscape. As they will totally disappear in the winter, mind you remember where they’re planted! A new member of the Lysimachia genus is ‘Night Light’. The bright yellow flowers contrast nicely with the dark bronze leaves.

Be a fashionable gardener – we have canvas hats in a rainbow of colors at Bay Laurel Garden Center. We also have gloves including Womenswear. We carry Sloggers shoes and boots and can get just the right size for you.

Look for Choisya ternata in our shade house at Bay Laurel Garden Center in Atascadero. We wonder why it disappeared from availability in the recent past. It is a very useful plant. Assets include deer resistance, drought tolerance and fragrant flowers in the spring. Finding deer resistant plants is becoming more of a challenge. A couple of additional evergreen shrubs include Boxwood and Myrtus communis compacta.