Newsletter for February 2024

The bare root season has been in full swing for a month at Bay Laurel Garden Center in Atascadero – many delicious varieties remain. Please call us at (805) 466-3449 to check availability. Rain can complicate gardening, but we remind you to spray the peaches and nectarines with copper in between the showers. A sticker spreader will help keep the spray on the tree.

Bare root roses are no longer available this spring at Bay Laurel Garden Center. We do, however, pot them in biodegradable pots so you can plant them without disturbing the roots. If the rose of your choice is sold out we will order additional varieties later in the season. Please call us at (805) 466-3449 to check availability.

More delights to fill your cupboard – vegetables! Lettuce is in high demand and we’ve brought in lots more at Bay Laurel Garden Center. We also have 4 inch and gallon artichokes and jumbo packs of strawberries.

Potato lovers rejoice. You will find the inspiration for any potato recipe with our potato starts. The selection includes French fingerling, German butter ball, Purple majesty, Russet Burbank and more. Garlic mashed potatoes? Add some California garlic or Elephant garlic bulbs to your shopping list at Bay Laurel Garden Center.

Take advantage of the rain – spread the seeds of our native wildflowers about. We have packages large and small of California poppies and mixes of native California wildflowers. Great for ground cover are white and strawberry clover in 1 pound packages.

There’s never a month without California native plants in the nursery. Newly arrived at Bay Laurel Garden Center are 1 and 5 gallon Toyon (Heteromeles arbutifolia). A tough plant with many attributes – glossy leaves, evergreen, bright red berries and extremely drought tolerant. The deer may nibble at the bottom leaves but you can trim the shrub into a standard tree. A native iris Iris x Pacifica ‘Native Warrior’ sports raspberry red flowers.

Summer flowering bulbs are here at Bay Laurel Garden Center. We have a great selection of dinner plate dahlias. None of the growers are offering them in containers later in the season so now is the time to purchase the tubers. The large, colorful flowers are quite spectacular. The plants require good soil and regular fertilizer. It’s important to head them back when young to ensure strong, full plants.

The Italian Anemones are a great improvement over the old varieties. The flowers are much larger and display more dramatic colors. We don’t have a source for the tubers but have received 4 inch containers from Premier Color Nursey. The current selections are ‘Blue’, ‘Bordeaux’ (dark fuchsia) and ‘Tiger Wine’.

The popular ground cover thyme has returned. Currently in stock at Bay Laurel Garden Center are flats of pink, red and elfin thyme. Elfin is the tightest of the three. It’s great to plant in between stepping stones and unlike the other two it seldom flowers.