Soil and Amendments


Soil and Amendments

We carry a large selection of potting soils, soil amendments and additives, mulching materials and fertilizers. 

Container planting requires a good potting soil. Our everyday selection is Master Nursery Potting Soil, a great buy at $8.99 for two cubic feet or $5.99 for one cubic foot. Master Nursery Professional Potting Soil adds more beneficial ingredients at $10.99 for two cubic feet.  We also carry Fox Farm Ocean Forest Potting Soil, 1.5 cubic feet for $16.49.  For your cacti and succulents, we have Cactus Mix available in three sizes.

Master Nurseryman Potting SoilWhen planting, it is always a good idea to add some soil amendment to help your new plants thrive and we have several different kinds from which to choose.  After planting, a layer of mulch will help to retain moisture during our hot, dry summers.  We have three sizes of fir bark as well as shredded red cedar bark and Black Forest for mulching.


Fox FarmAlso available are liquid and granular fertilizers from Fox Farm, Master Nursery and Dr. Earth.


Earhworm CastingsOur most popular amendment is Bumper Crop which  works well for vegetable gardens, flower gardens and many other plantings. A two cubic foot bag is $7.49. An excellent organic additive to any soil is earthworm castings, currently .7 cubic feet for $19.89.


California soils are extremely alkaline and Camellia-Azalea mix, an acidic soil, can help remedy this.  It is great for all shade plants, blueberries and citrus and can be used in flowers beds as well. It comes in two cubic foot bags for $9.99.