Bay Laurel Garden Center specializes in California native plants and drought tolerant plants suitable for our area, the northern part of San Luis Obispo County. Browse through our extensive stock of quality plants. We are happy to help you select the ideal varieties for your garden.

Your mother’s old petunias have definitely been upgraded! Here are two of the new flashy ones – Caramel and Night Sky. We also have many other varieties in 6 packs.

This month is just bursting with color; the dependable perennials are on the top of most peoples’ list To name a few: Gaura, Yarrow, Salvia, Lavender and Day Lily. A lesser known plant is Phlomis – commonly called Jerusalem sage, although like Perovskia, called Russian sage, neither are actually in the Salvia genus. There are several varieties of Phlomis, all having furry leaves and requiring minimal water.

Here’s a new product we’ve just started carrying – “Smart Pots”. These containers are made of a soft fabric and come in many sizes. The cost for large sizes is very reasonable. You can see one of the “raised bed” containers planted at the nursery. The roots are supposed to absorb moisture and nutrients more efficiently due to the fabric, a process called “air pruning”. The pots should last for many years.

See our May Newsletter for more great Spring planting ideas!

Our nursery carries a great selection of pottery, statuary and gifts as well as everything you need for a beautiful landscape. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff look forward to meeting you!

During the months of January, February and March, we stock hundreds of varieties of bareroot fruit and nut trees, berry plants, roses and shade trees. Visit our Fruit Trees Online website to find out more.