Bay Laurel Garden Center specializes in California native plants and drought tolerant plants suitable for our area, the northern part of San Luis Obispo County. Browse through our extensive stock of quality plants. We are happy to help you select the ideal varieties for your garden.

Don’t they look delicious? We’ve just about reached the halfway mark with our bareroot, season and there are still some great choices out there! ‘Fairtime’ peach is one of the latest to bear – September. The freestone, yellow fleshed peach is one of the best for the season. Another peach you won’t find in your grocery store is ‘Sauzee Swirl’. This saucer shaped white peach is similar to the ‘Donut’ peach but it ripens a month earlier. Right now we have a good selection of cherry trees including the ‘Stella’ variety shown here. ‘Stella’ is a dark cherry but what sets it apart from the familiar varieties such as ‘Bing’ is its unusual spicy flavor. Another favorite is the Olallie berry – there’s no thing quite as scrumptious as an Olallie berry pie. We also have many other tasty berries on hand – blackberries, raspberries and of course, blueberries.

What a great time to plant some California wild flower seeds. Get out there in between the storms we’ve been so lucky to see lately. Besides the poppies, we have mixed California wild flowers and California native seeds. We also have Lupine – it’s good to soak these before planting , also Baby Blue Eyes and more.

This colorful Mexican wall planter is just one of the many styles we have on hand.

See our February Newsletter for more details…

Our nursery carries a great selection of pottery, statuary and gifts as well as everything you need for a beautiful landscape. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff look forward to meeting you!

During the months of January, February and March, we stock hundreds of varieties of bareroot fruit and nut trees, berry plants, roses and shade trees. Visit our Fruit Trees Online website to find out more.

The bareroot catalog for 2019 is in circulation! Look for some of the old favorites and many of the newer varieties including pluots, pluerryies and apriums. You can see all the information on line at https://baylaurelnursery.com. Trees will be for sale the first of the year.