Bay Laurel Garden Center specializes in California native plants and drought tolerant plants suitable for our area, the northern part of San Luis Obispo County. Browse through our extensive stock of quality plants. We are happy to help you select the ideal varieties for your garden.

The bareroot season for fruit trees is in full swing. Still available are many great apples, cherries, peaches, nectarines, plums and more. Persimmons have become very popular the last few years; currently available are Giant Fuyu and Saijo (an astringent variety much like Hachiya). We made sure the favorite fig, Black Mission is in good supply. Since gophers are so fond of figs, you might consider planting them in a container; Black Jack and Violette de Bordeaux are particularly well suited. Many bareroot berries are sold out, but we still several in quart containers, including the Olallie berry, a local favorite.

Many of our customers want to know if our plants are GMOs, genetically modified. The answer is no. The plants that have been modified in this manner are field crops such as corn, alfalfa and soybeans. There is a lot of controversy surrounding this technology but the practice has not entered the realm of horticulture.

Summer blooming bulbs have arrived with a good selection of dahlias. There aren’t many growers of the large flowered varieties in containers, so best buy the bulbs and grow your own. Other bulb offerings include gladiolas, lilies and crocosmias.

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Our nursery carries a great selection of pottery, statuary and gifts as well as everything you need for a beautiful landscape. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff look forward to meeting you!

During the months of January, February and March, we stock hundreds of varieties of bareroot fruit and nut trees, berry plants, roses and shade trees. Visit our Fruit Trees Online website to find out more.