Newsletter for May 2023

Spring has outdone itself this year! Plants are thriving and blooming like crazy. at Bay Laurel Garden Center has been very busy trying to accommodate the needs of our trusty customers. Just arrived in time for Cinco de Mayo is its very showy namesake rose. Also just in is the old time favorite rose Peace. We’ve heard that aphids are on the rampage and thus have recently acquired lady bugs to aid in their destruction. Other remedies include insecticidal soap, Take Down spray and horticultural oil. Don’t forget to fertilize your roses about every 6 weeks.

The challenge the tarnished plant bug raises. This insect attacks peach and nectarine fruit when they are very small. Therefore, it is necessary to spray when they are in this stage. Spray the fruit a couple of times, at weekly intervals. Apple blossoms are blooming and they are susceptible to the coddling moth. Spray just before the blossoms drop. You can use any of of the above mentioned eradicators. Coddling moth traps are useful in determining when the moths are active.

Every season brings new and flashy annuals to Bay Laurel Garden Center in Atascadero. These bright flowers are a great way to introduce some quick color to your containers or landscape. Three varieties, in particular, have seen a lot of experimentation – Calibrachoas, Petunias and Osteospermums. The ‘Cosmic Pink” petunia is a great example. Perennials are planted for a longer life. With so many deer about, the Salvias have become extremely popular, especially ‘Hot Lips’. It’s one we try to have on hand at all times.

A new item at Bay Laurel Garden Center to make your gardening more successful – rolls of shade cloth. The rolls are 6′ x 15′ feet. Use the cloth to protect plants from the harshest sun. Protect tomatoes and peppers, blueberries and lots of others when the temperature soars.

Vegetable plants come in and go out. We’ve been pretty successful in stocking a favorite – lemon cucumber at Bay Laurel Garden Center. Sungold tomatoes have been hard to find lately. Currently you can find three different tomatillos and a good selection of cucumbers. A few of the unusual tomatoes include ‘Blueberries’ and ‘Tasmanian Chocolate’. We have lemon grass plus a good supply of herbs – tarragon should be arriving soon.

Lots of new Talavera pots at Bay Laurel Garden Center in Atascadero!

We recently added, the hanging Fuchsia ‘Giant Voodoo’ at Bay Laurel Garden Center. Other hanging baskets include various geraniums. You can also design your own – pick some ivy geraniums, Lamium, Calibrachoa. Reminder to check out our house plants, including some of the newest in the pothos family. For some unusual color, try the black flowered Anthurium.