Newsletter for February 2023

Many bareroot plants are now sold out but come check out what’s left at Bay Laurel Garden Center! Honey Queen is a new raspberry which, as you can see, is a lovely golden color with the sweetness of honey. These plants are bare root but we have many other varieties in quart containers. Many blueberries and blackberries are also available. You may find Fuji apples in the grocery store but they don’t compare to picking them from your home orchard!

We have a nifty little guide for pruning fruit trees, roses and more at Bay Laurel Garden Center. How to Prune Fruit Trees and Roses book was first published in 1944 with the rose section added later. Did you realize there are two types of figs, requiring two methods of pruning” Grapes also require two techniques – “cane” and “spur” as designated in our bare root catalog. For more details on these methods you can visit Grapevine Cane and Spur Pruning Fundamentals

Alas, the bare root roses once again insist on sending out buds too early to remain in their present home. Starting this week they will be transplanted to bio-degradable pots. The good news is that you can purchase them in that state and plant them, pot and all. Additionally, you can rush down to Bay Laurel Garden Center and snap them up before the transplanting proceeds. Either way, we still have many great selections.

We recently brought in a variety of cool season vegetables and herbs. Good soil and regular fertilizing can do a lot to ensure good results. Bumper Crop remains the popular choice for a soil amendment. Three main suppliers of organic fertilizers at Bay Laurel Garden Center are Dr. Earth, Down to Earth, and E. B. Stone.

Bearded iris are available at Bay Laurel Garden Center. We have four varieties of re-blooming iris in gallon containers. These nice size plants will give you a good start in your perennial garden.

Do rain and mud make you feel the need for some flashy boots? We carry the Sloggers brand at Bay Laurel Garden Center. There are several styles available and we can order your size up to size 10.

The Japanese maple Sangu kaku (Coral bark maple) flaunts its colorful bark in the winter season. The rest of the year it is enveloped in pale green leaves with red margins. The small tree will grow 15 to 25 feet tall. Fall color is a vivid gold.

A plant we haven’t seen for some time is Tolleson’s Weeping Juniper. This specimen is most unique in its form. If you crave the unusual this might be the plant for you at Bay Laurel Garden Center!

Bulbs are coming soon at Bay Laurel Garden Center! Lots of ornamentals and edibles will be here this month. Look for dahlias, lilies, freesias and more to beautify the garden. For nourishment – potatoes, garlic and shallots. We’ve ordered sweet potato starts and don’t know how well they will perform but it’s always fun to experiment in the garden.