Newsletter for November 2021

The colors of fall are on display! Trees we normally associate with fall color include Liquidamber, Raywood Ash, Chinese Pistache, all manner of Maples. To be included – Crape myrtle, Cotinus (Smoke Bush) Oak leaf Hydrangea, Nandina and yellow-leaved Pomegranates. Don’t delay ordering your bareroot fruit trees – we’re running out of plants quite early this year. To check on current availability go to

The demand for vegetables and herbs is ongoing. Presently in stock many types of lettuce, sugar snap peas, red bok choy and Swiss chard to name a few. We expect more garlic, onion sets and shallots. The Spanish roja garlic will be available in 4″ plants. You can plant Calendulas and Violas to add a festive touch to your holiday meals.

The Salvia ‘Amistad’ has been extremely popular this year. We now have its relative ‘Amante’. This Salvia has bright dark pink flowers in contrast to the purple of ‘Amistad’. These varieties are among some of the taller Salvias and do best with some afternoon shade. A close relative of the ever-popular ‘Hot Lips” is ‘Amethyst Lips’.

A couple of reminders: it’s that time of year to plan the protection of your tender plants from the cold. We have row cover 10′ x 12′ which can be cut down to size. We also have a large roll if you need something really sizable. The deer are really hungry! We suggest spraying new plants with Liquid Fence even though they may be advertised as deer resistant. It’s good insurance.

The tables are filled with lots of color for the fall and winter season. We currently have 3 varieties of sweet peas in 6 packs – ‘Bijou Dwarf’, ‘Mammoth’ and ‘Incense’. In full bloom right now are 6 packs of Linaria. The multi-colored flowers resemble tiny snapdragons. Ornamental cabbages and kale can be found in various sizes.

The Senior Nutrition program (“Meals on wheels”) is a service providing meals to the senior and infirm in our community. At this time there is a serious shortage of drivers to provide this service. You can volunteer for as little as one day a month – the route usually take no longer than two hours. If you’re able to help out with this important community service, please call Liz at 805-466-2317.

Who is Wilma Goldcrest? And why should we care? I fail to find such a person, but this very attractive cypress has such a name. This dwarf variety of the lemon cypress is perfect for containers and small gardens. In five years it will only grow 8 to 10 feet tall. The chartreuse color makes a lovely accent among darker green plants.

Succulent planters make great gifts. But if you’re a creative sort you’ll find a very good selection of succulents and containers so you can design your own. Arriving this week is a new variety “Chocolate Ball”. I have not seen the plant yet – the pictures vary quite drastically so we’ll just wait and see! The flowers are yellow.

We had a rather serious shortage of ground covers earlier this year, but Armstrong Growers has stepped up to the plate and provided a much needed supply. We hope to fulfill your requests. Gaillardias have been around for a long time – but the red variety has just recently entered the scene. The plant is extremely vigorous – it thrives in heat and survives in frost. Arriving soon – large containers of Salvia ‘Mystic Spires’ and Dianthus ‘Rockin’ Red’, also some 8″ foxglove and snapdragons and in 4″ pots – Digiplexis – a rather splendid hybrid with a foxglove parentage.