Newsletter for July 2021

Color the garden for summer. We have myriad delights to enhance your outdoor living. Two really popular plants: Dahlia and Agastache. We have an awesome variety of Dahlias including some of the giant flowered dinner plate types. There are smaller varieties with single flowers and dark leaves and doubles with both green and black leaves. One of our favorites is Black Dahlegria Apricot Tri-color. We have a rather good selection of Agastache as well. Colors vary from red to apricot to lavender to red. They have a rather pungent odor and should be resistant to deer.

Grasses are always a great addition to the landscape. Stipa ichu and Ampelodesmos (‘Mauritania Vine Reed) are both evergreen with thin, arching blades. The flowers differ greatly, however. Ichu has silky delicate silver wands, reaching about 4 feet. Ampelodesmos, on the other hand, has wheat colored, one sided flowers that can reach 6 or 7 feet. Its common name comes from a previous use; the leaves were used to tie together grapevines. Both add a dramatic touch to the garden.

Seems people have all but forgotten ‘Soil Moist’ so here’s a reminder as to what this amazing product can do. It’s a great way to save time and water, especially for your container plants. ‘Soil Moist’ granules can soak up to 200 times their weight in water and then slowly release the water for your plant roots.

Annuals that defy the heat – Vinca and Zinnia. Vincas abound in 6 packs, 4″ pots, gallons and hanging baskets. Cool new colors have been added. Besides the usual white, pink red and fuchsia now available are very interesting shades called ‘Tattoo Black Cherry’ and ‘Tattoo Papaya’. Zinnias differ in size as well as in color. Smallest is the ‘Starbright’ series with white, yellow and orange flowers. Next we have ‘Profusion’ reaching about 12″ creating bright mounds of color. ‘Dreamland’ and ‘Magellan’ are mid-size, about 18 to 24″ in height. Finally, the star – ‘State Fair’ on tall stems 3 to 4 feet.

We all anxiously await the first crop of juicy, luscious tomatoes. Perhaps you’re thinking there should be more tomatoes on the vine. Voila! a technical breakthrough. It comes in the form of an electric toothbrush! This wonder product mimics the movement of bees – a slight buzz on the flower will almost insure pollination. You can find examples on YouTube. I’m afraid Bay Laurel does not stock this item.

We’ve finally been able to acquire Dymondia – a tough, very low growing ground cover with variegated leaves and yellow daisy-type flowers. It should be planted about 12″ apart. Water requirements are quite low. In addition to various ground cover flats, we have 4″ and 6 pack varieties suitable for small areas like ‘Betty Rollins’ Oregano and for the shade Golden Oregano. Erodium with white or pink flowers is available in 6 packs. Lime Thyme can form an attractive bright chartreuse accent to your plantings.

Groovy hats for sun protection.

We are pleased to announce the availability of Garvineas in 4″ pots. These Gerbera hybrids are great in containers and bloom from spring through fall. Other great finds in 4″ containers include one the most drought tolerant California natives, Salvia apiana. We have a new Scabiosa with giant white flowers. Several varieties of Lavender are available plus Gazanias, Echinacea and Rudbeckia.

One might think Cistus (Rock Rose) is a California native as well as it does in some of our severest situations. Cistus is actually a Mediterranean plant. We have a good supply at the moment – low growing salvlifolius to purpureus, 5 feet tall and wide. Of course there’s always a place for California natives. Penstemon ‘Margarita Bop’ is one of the showier species. For sturdy, permanent plantings, go to the Manzanitas, Toyon and Coffee Berries.