Newsletter for September 2022

Lantanas are great hot weather plants. We’ve previously concentrated on the cold hardy types, but some of the less hardy are great color additions. And there are lots of vibrant colors. The upright, mounding ones include gold, orange, red, yellow/white bi-color. Low growing varieties are found in shades of lavender, white and yellow.

This charming native Aster is in bloom right now. Aster chilensis ‘Purple Haze’ is a lovely addition to the California native garden but at home in any perennial border. The plant will grow 1 to 3 feet tall and it spreads vigorously by underground rhizomes. Prune to the ground in winter. Considered drought tolerant but irrigation will improve its appearance. It tolerates many types of soil, takes sun or partial shade and is a favorite of bees and butterflies.

The first ‘Knock Out’ rose miniature – ‘Petite Knock Out’. The ‘Knock Out’ roses are known for their durability, disease resistance and spring to fall bloom. This new variety with it’s fire engine red blooms is no different than the original ‘Knock Out’ rose. They’re currently available as patio trees.

Pennisetum orientale ‘Tall Tails’ is an impressive grass we haven’t seen lately. This should make a bold statement in your garden! Pennisetum orientale itself is quite a bit shorter, about 3 feet. It blooms for a long period, starting out with light pink flowers which turn into a light tan color.

We just received a shipment of handsome benches and containers as well as bird baths. Come see for yourself and check out our other yard art!

A good, tough ground cover is always in demand. Phyla nodiflora, commonly called Lippia grass only grows 2″ high and is one of the few ground covers that can endure foot traffic. Plant 1 to 2 feet apart. Plants do not look great in winter but a feeding in early spring will quickly revitalize them. The pink flowers attract bees – if it’s a problem the flowers can be mowed. Not particular about soils but they are not well suited to soils containing nematodes.

A bright orange Canna sits inside one of our new containers. Cannas offer great color late in the summer season. Heights and colors vary. As you can see, they make great container plants but do just as well planted in the garden. They are effective as a border or close to pools. Once a stem is through blooming, cut to the ground and new ones will emerge. The plants die back completely in the winter, but are very cold hardy and faithfully return every year.

Here’s the cover for our 2023 Bareroot Catalog, ready to come out shortly. The website, however, is available right now. As shown on the cover, we’re highlighting the interspecific fruit trees developed by the Zaiger brothers. It’s not too early to put in your order – we’ve already taken many. Trees including persimmons and pluots are always in demand so don’t wait! You can call us or go to the website: https://www.baylaurelnursery.comĀ