Newsletter for November 2022

You don’t have to travel to New England for fall color – just look around! Here are a few of the options afforded North County residents. The Chinese Pistache is one of the first to show its colors. The species has the added benefit of attractive berries, but if you choose to do without, go for ‘Keith Davey’. The Liquidamber is another popular choice and varieties are named for their fall hues – ‘Burgundy’, ‘Palo Alto’ and ‘Festival’.

You can plant a combination of deciduous and evergreen trees in your landscape. Shown here is a variety of Monterey Cypress, ‘Donard Gold’. This tree is a nice contrast to other dark leaved varieties. It will slowly reach 20 to 30′. We’ll be receiving a lot of evergreen trees and shrubs this month including topiaries.

The sweet pea family has expanded! We have lots of varieties, many old ones not available before. ‘Mollie Rilston’ has very subtle coloring, ‘Lord Nelson” arrives in bright blue and we have two orange sweet peas, ‘Spring Sunshine Orange’ and ‘Henry Eckford’. Also available are mixtures in tall and dwarf varieties. Plant the six packs now and they’ll be ready to bloom in the spring.

Stepping into the shade house at Bay Laurel Garden Center you will find a nice variety of the ground cover Vinca. Vinca major can cover a lot of ground so you should determine if your area can support such a vigorous plant. Vinca major is found with dark green leaves and also variegated ones. The same is true for Vinca minor but the leaves are much smaller and the plant grows at a slower pace. Both need only minimal irrigation when planted in the shade.

The first batch of Cyclamen has arrived at Bay Laurel Garden Center. Cyclamen require shade and a bit of protection when the temperatures drop below freezing. These colorful plants can also be kept indoors – they prefer good light and cool temperatures.

It seems the frost is on its way. Get ready to protect your tender plants, i.e. citrus, some succulents and tender fruit trees including avocado. We carry row cloth in size 10′ x 12′. This should last for several seasons. It can also be used to cover compact fruit trees in need of bird protection.

Symphoricarpus albus is commonly known as ” Snowberry”. The small deciduous shrub exhibits large, white berries in the fall. This particular variety is ‘Tilden Park’. “Snowberry” grows to about 4 feet and spreads by underground runners. This California native is useful under oak trees and along shady banks. It is food for several bird species. Although the plant is quite drought tolerant, you will get a better crop of berries with occasional watering.

Silene and Fluffy Ann are making new friends at Bay Laurel Garden Center in Atascadero.

Be the first in your neighborhood to plant a pluerry. It’s one of the latest hybrids from the Zaiger brothers via Dave Wilson. You will harvest sweet little fruits that are a cross between a plum and a cherry. We have some in stock right now at Bay Laurel Garden Center. If you can’t wait for the bareroot season, come in and check out the potted fruit trees still available, including pluerries and lots of jujubes.