Newsletter for May 2020

The merry month of May seems a bit less merry this year – but we hope bringing some cheerful flowers into your life will brighten things a bit. Annuals are a quick fix. Here are just a few examples: Lobelia, Petunias, Salvia and Zinnias. Plant them in containers or in your flower beds. Remember to fertilize throughout the season to keep the blooms coming. Osmocote is a slow release product that can save you some time.

We’re amazed at the demand for herbs and vegetables this year – apparently it’s a national phenomenon due to so many folks sheltering at home. We’re trying to keep up but it is quite challenging. The month of May is still a great planting month – in the old days no one would start planting before Memorial Day! Don’t forget to add some rich organic matter for your plants.

Perennial flowers for the shade are sometimes rather elusive, but we have a few suggestions. Astilbe is a feathery perennial that comes in a variety of colors: we currently have 4″ plants. Brunnera ‘Jack Frost’ has very handsome foliage and later in the season will display blue forget-me-not type blooms. And at this time we have some lovely tuberous begonias with dark bronze leaves.

Can’t have rain without weeds! You might try “Weed Barrier” to help fight the battle. This product is a tough, durable fabric guaranteed to last many years. You can cut holes out for plants or you can use it in barren areas. Simply cover the fabric with mulch. And we have other weed fighting products – some are specific for grasses or broadleaf weeds.

Mother’s Day is May 10th. Here are a few suggestions…

Prime time for planting perennials. We have an excellent inventory in 4″, 1 gallon and even 6 pack varieties. If your favorite is missing, we’ll try to obtain it for you. Some of the current varieties are Erysimum, Perovskia (Russian sage), Gaillardia, many varieties of Salvia, Shasta daisies, Euphorbia and Centranthus (Jupiter’s beard). Don’t forget the gopher cages!

Driving around town one can’t help but notice the gorgeous display of roses. Late rain and warm temperatures can do wonders! We currently have a good supply of roses at the nursery.