Newsletter for January 2021

Gardening doesn’t stop with winter weather here in California! The time for planting fruit trees, berries and roses has arrived. This particular season compares with last spring – crazy! Our best suggestion is “Don’t wait”. We sold out of many varieties very early this year – check out our bareroot website and find out what is still available. You will not find any roses listed there – we still have them in stock but they’re no longer available for shipping.

Another reminder to spray your peaches and nectarines to prevent the fungus and peach leaf curl. We recommend Liqui-cop. Other suggestions are the addition of Neem oil or use the oil by itself.

January is also prime pruning season and we have the small, inexpensive pruning book available. You can also find lots of help on the internet. We have some gloves designed to protect your hands from the scars of rose thorns, including a charming, floriferous pair.

Those colorful, sturdy annuals that brave the freezing temperatures of the North County are still available to brighten your landscape and containers. You might want to try Cheiranthus (Wallflower) ‘Purple Bi-color Sugar Rush’. The plant is very cold hardy and described as a short-lived perennial. Additionally, we have a great selection of English primroses which do splendidly in the shade.