Category: Showy Shrubs


Both E. fortunei and E. japonicus have variegated varieties that brighten up the garden with their foliage.  Height ranges from about three to ten feet, depending on the variety.  Moderate to regular water is required.

Eleagnus ‘Gilt Edge’

This is an evergreen shrub that adds color all year round.  It can reach up to ten feet and has an upright growth habit  It can take sun or partial shade and does best with regular water.


The most commonly available species is Caryopteris x clandonensis.  There are several named varieties, all of which grow to about two feet.  They are known for their lovely purple flowers, much loved by bees.  Caryopteris loses its leaves in winter,


Hibiscus syriacus, or Rose of Sharon, is a deciduous shrub that grows to about ten feet tall and six feet wide.  It sports very showy, two to three inch flowers from summer until frost.  It is easy to grow, actually likes heat

Vitex agnus-castus

Usually grown as a shrub or small tree, Vitex (chaste tree) reaches about twelve feet tall and wide.  The very attractive leaves are divided into five to seven leaflets and are a grey green.  The flower spikes appear in summer


Abelia grandiflora has arching stems six to eight feet tall and produces large numbers of small white or pink bell-shaped flowers in summer. The variety ‘Sherwoodii’ is three to four feet tall and has lavender flowers and darker green leaves.  ‘Kaleidoscope’ is only two to three feet


Coleonema pulchellum (or Breath of Heaven) is a charming, wispy plant with very small pink flowers.   The flowers themselves are not showy, but the sheer numbers of them in spring make the plant a real sight.  It grows to about


Commonly called butterfly bush, buddleja can reach fifteen feet and flowers in shades of purple, lavender, pink, white or yellow.  It is also available in an increasing number of dwarf varieties, most of which grow to three to five feet.  The flowers are a favorite of


Lagerstroemia (crape myrtle) These shrubs are a great favorite in our area as they adapt so well to heat, bloom in the summer and require little water once established. The plants naturally grow as multi-trunked shrubs, but are often trained as standard trees.  The


Syringa (lilac) is loved for its wonderful fragrance and glorious, showy blooms.  Lilacs are a good match for our north county climate as the low winter temperatures encourage blooming.  In the south county, grow the Descanso hybrids such as ‘Lavender Lady’ and ‘Angel White’ which have been