Category: Showy Shrubs


Philadelphus is an old fashioned shrub with wonderfully fragrant white blossoms. It is a deciduous shrub growing four to six feet tall, making it a very good foundation plant.  It is also very effective in lawns and as a background plant.  Shade in the afternoon


Cistus (rockrose) These are understandably popular in the North County. Some outstanding characteristics include drought tolerance, relative deer resistance and a prolific spring bloom. Flower colors are white and many shades of pink. The lowest growing variety is Cistus salvifolius, a


Viburnum is a genus that contains many species, both evergreen and deciduous, and there are several good varieties for our area. Viburnum tinus ‘Robustum’ and Viburnum ‘Spring Bouquet’ are among the earliest spring blooming shrubs. They both have flat heads of


Pyracantha is an evergreen shrub known for its colorful berries in the fall and winter.  Most varieties grow to about twelve feet, although there are some outstanding dwarf varieties such as ‘Red Elf’ and ‘Lowboy’.  The biggest drawback is the sharp thorns that cover the branches,