Category: California Natives


Mimulus aurantiacus, or monkey flower, grows to about four feet and blooms in a wide range of colors from white to dark red.  It likes sun or part shade, good drainage and little water.


Zauschneria, or California fuschia, is a low spreading plant with green, grey or silvery foliage and orange to scarlet flowers.  Bloom occurs in late summer or autumn and the flowers are very attractive to hummingbirds.  The plant is fast growing

Rhamnus californica

Rhamnus californica, or coffeeberry, is an evergreen shrub that can grow from three to fifteen feet, depending on the variety and the climate in which it is planted.  The common name comes from the berries that turn black once they


There are many species of Ribes, both evergreen and deciduous.  A very nice evergreen species is Ribes viburnifolium with roundish, dark green leaves and dark red stems.  It needs no irrigation, making it ideal for planting under oaks.  It grows three

Trichostema lanatum

Trichostema lanatum (woolly blue curls) grows to three to five feet high and four to eight feet wide.  The dark green leaves are pungent when bruised.  The purple flowers are fuzzy and appear in spring.  The plant will continue to


Fremontodendron is also known as flannel bush because the back of the leaves are fuzzy and soft.  Showy yellow flowers appear in spring.  This shrub takes full sun and is drought tolerant once established, requiring no irrigation at all.  Its

Heteromeles arbutifolia

Heteromeles arbutifolia, or toyon, is an evergreen native shrub with thick, leathery leaves.  The flat heads of white flowers in spring attract bees and the bright red berries that follow are favored by birds.  Toyon usually grows as a dense


Buckwheats provide color spring and summer. Eriogonum umbellatum (sulphur buckwheat) sports bright yellow flowers in spring. Eriogonum giganteum (St. Catherine’s Lace) is topped with creamy clusters of flower sprays reaching as high as five feet. The star of the genus, Eriogonum


California Bush Poppy

Another very showy native is Dendromecon harfordii (California bush poppy).  In late spring, it is covered in bright yellow flowers and flowers intermittently throughout the summer.  


Ceanothus, ‘California wild lilac’, is known for its wonderful spring floral display.  Flower colors are either white or shades of purple-blue, while height can range from a foot or two to twenty feet.  ‘Ray Hartman’ and ‘Cliff Schmidt’ are among the tallest of the