Category: California Natives


Catalina Cherry Flowers [Prunus ilicifolia]

Prunus lyonii (Catalina Cherry) and Prunus ilicifolia (Holly leaf Cherry) are two evergreen shrubs that are extremely useful as screens or background plants. They both have red berries in late summer which the birds find very desirable.  

Heuchera maxima

For the shade, try Heuchera maxima, a cream flowering coral bell that looks great under oak trees and needs very little water.

Romneya coulteri

Matilija Poppy

The Matilija poppy (Romneya coulteri) is one of the most spectacular California native plants. Getting it started can be difficult, but once established, it requires no irrigation and may, in fact, need to be watched so as not to take

Arctostaphylos (manzanita)

Tops on the list of desirable shrubs is Arctostaphylos, commonly called manzanita. Again, there are many choices in this genus. Handsome and tree-like are ‘Dr. Hurd’, ‘Hood Mountain’ and ‘Austin Griffiths’. ‘Sentinel’ is one of the more upright varieties, eventually

Penstemon heterophyllus

This native plant is of variable appearance, but generally has narrow bluish green foliage and blue to purple flowers.  The variety ‘Margarita Bop’ was discovered at Las Pilitas Nursery in Santa Margarita.  It sends up wands of fuchsia and violet blue flowers in spring


Another diverse and useful genus is Salvia. The Clevelandii group includes ‘Allen Chickering’, ‘Whirly Blue’, ‘Pozo Blue’ and ‘Winifred Gilman’.  In need of an attractive, drought tolerant ground cover? Try ‘Bee’s Bliss’. This salvia has gray green leaves with lavender

Carpenteria californica

    Carpenteria californica (bush anemone) does best with afternoon shade.  Clusters of white, anemone shaped flowers cover this evergreen shrub in early summer.