Shasta Daisy

Shasta Daisy

The genus Chrysanthemum provides gardeners with some indispensable plants.  Shasta daisy (C. maximum) is a wonderful summer blooming perennial that is available in tall or dwarf forms.  Flowers can be single, double or somewhat shaggy.

C. hosmariense is a great little plant, growing to about eight inches tall and two feet wide.  It has finely cut, silvery foliage, profuse white flowers and requires little water.

C. parthenium (feverfew) is a charming, though very aggressive, plant.  Its small, usually white flowers and lacy foliage are very attractive, but it does reseed very freely.

And what would autumn be without the fun of C. grandiflorum in bloom?  What a way to brighten up the last days of summer and the beginning of autumn!  There are so many forms and colors from which to choose – definitely something for every garden.