Category: Vines

Solanum jasminoides

Solanum jasminoides is a very vigorous evergreen vine with lovely dark green foliage and white, unscented flowers.  It grows to thirty feet very rapidly.  It likes sun and moderate to regular water.  Be aware that it is poisonous if ingested.


Parthenocissus is a deciduous vine known for its outstanding autumn color.  The most common species are P.quinquefolia, or Virginia creeper, and P. tricuspidata, or Boston ivy.  Both cling to surfaces by suction disks.  They can get as large as fifty


Most Clematis is deciduous, but there is an evergreen species, C. armandii, which grows to fifteen to twenty feet and has white, vanilla scented flowers in the spring.  It can take some sun, but also does well in the shade.


Wisteria is a very vigorous, very large vine with leaves divided into many leaflets and large clusters of purple, white or pink flowers in spring.  The plants need little to moderate water, full sun, good drainage and little fertilizer.  Be very cautious


Campsis, also known as trumpet vine, grows quickly to forty feet.  It will spread by suckering roots and it can attach itself to surfaces by aerial roots.  Orange toned flowers are borne from midsummer into autumn.  It takes sun to

Akebia quinata

A semi-evergreen vine, Akebia quinata blooms once in the spring with mauve or white fragrant flowers.  It grows to fifteen to thirty feet, twining around any available support.  It grows in sun or shade and needs regular water.