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Agapanthus, or lily of the Nile, can be evergreen or deciduous, one foot tall or four feet tall, white or blue flowered.  There are several shades of blue, from pale to dark blue-violet.  It has green, strap-like leaves with round


Hemerocallis (daylily) have arching narrow leaves and lily-like flowers.  They are tough plants and reasonably trouble free.  A couple of  favorites are ‘Stella D’Oro’, a dwarf golden yellow with a longer bloom period than most, and ‘Bitsy’, a repeat bloomer with bright


Lantana ‘Miss Huff’ is hardy to ten degrees. Although it dies back in the winter, it returns with a vengeance in early summer and blooms until frost. This plant can reach six to seven feet in one season. It is very bright with yellow, orange

Plants that Spread

Invasive Plants or Plants for The Lazy Gardener? It all depends on your point of view! All these perennials are hardy and colorful. and some are prolific reseeders.  Pictured is Erigeron karvinskianus (Santa Barbara daisy).  It will bloom all summer with very little care, but you

Penstemon hybrids

There are so many colors and sizes of penstemon hybrids.  Among the favorites are ‘Firebird’ (red), ‘Midnight’ (purple), ‘Garnet’ (fuchsia pink), ‘Thorn’ (white with a pink blush), ‘Apple Blossom’ (pink), ‘Bev Jensen’ (magenta) and ‘Raven’ (darkest purple).  A very floriferous


Kniphofia (Red Hot Poker) This plant is often seen at houses dating back to the thirties and forties. It is extremely drought tolerant and very showy.  Colors available are orange, yellow and cream. The leaves are strap-like with flowering stems that vary from eighteen


The two most popular varieties are ‘Butterfly Blue’ and ‘Pink Mist’. This perennial is possibly the longest blooming of all.  Removing the spent flowers will encourage the plants to bloom even more and keeps them looking nice.   Height is about one foot


The genus Chrysanthemum provides gardeners with some indispensable plants.  Shasta daisy (C. maximum) is a wonderful summer blooming perennial that is available in tall or dwarf forms.  Flowers can be single, double or somewhat shaggy. C. hosmariense is a great


Calylophus drummondii

Calylophus drummondii (Texas primrose) Low and spreading, this plant blooms from late spring through fall. Calylophus becomes a three foot mat of papery, bright yellow flowers. It likes lots of sunshine and demands little water. It is one plant we always


Achillea (yarrow) Green or gray ferny foliage and lots of colors to choose from!  White (‘Calistoga’), yellow (‘Sunbeam’ or ‘Moonshine’), crimson red (‘Red Beauty’) and orange red (‘Faust’ and ‘Terra Cotta’). They all endure the hot summers and cold winters. Water