Category: Perennials for Shade


Liriope, or lily turf, is a grass-like shade plant.  There are green leaved versions as well as variegated ones.  Flowers appear on spikes in summer and can be purple or white.  These plants are not attractive to deer.  Provide regular


Campanula poscharskyana and C. portenschlagiana (a.k.a. Serbian and Dalmatian bellflower, respectively) are the two species that we usually have in stock.  They both make great small scale groundcover, growing no more than about eight inches high.  Purple flowers adorn the


Hostas are shade loving plants that come in a wide range of sizes and leaf colors and variegations.  Lavender flowers on spikes, some fragrant, appear in summer.  All will go dormant in winter and do quite well in containers, even the


Hellebores are wonderful plants that bloom in winter and early spring when very little else is flowering.  Color ranges from white to dark purple, although some species have greenish flowers.  The evergreen foliage is generally dark green and glossy, divided


Ferns are wonderful shade plants, adding a lush, woodland look to a shady area.  Shown at left is Polystichum munitum, a native fern that grows to two to four feet.          Another excellent fern for our area is


Aquilegia, or columbine, has lovely lacy foliage with flowers that rise above the leaves.  There are many flower colors available, all of which attract hummingbirds.  It blooms in spring and early summer and prefers shade, especially in the afternoon.  Regular


Heuchera (coral bells) This genus has seen incredible additions in the last few years. The variations in leaf color dominate the latest varieties. Examples are ‘Snow Angel’, light green leaves dusted with white, ‘Caramel’ (the name says it all) and