Category: Perennials

Coreopsis grandiflora

Coreopsis adds a lovely bit of color to the garden.  These are tough plants that need little to moderate water and they seem to bloom almost endlessly, especially if deadheaded.  They also tend to self-sow, so be prepared for either even more color


Tulbaghia, or society garlic, is an evergreen perennial with narrow green or green and white variegated leaves.  Clusters of small lavender flowers top stems that are one to two feet tall.  Provide regular water.  Because of the garlicky odor of


Phlomis, or Jerusalem sage, is not a true sage, but it has similar requirements.  It needs little water, good drainage and is tolerant of heat.  Leaves are woolly and flowers can be either yellow (P. fruticosa) or pink (P. purpurea). 


Perovskia, or Russian sage, is not a true sage, but it has some similarities.  It needs little water, is very tolerant of heat and requires good drainage.  Sprays of purple flowers appear in late spring and summer.


Nepeta, or catmint, is a very useful little plant.  Most varieties get about a foot tall, but ‘Six Hills Giant’ can grow to three feet.  Grey-green leaves and spikes of purple flowers are characteristic.  Bees love Nepeta and deer tend


The genus of Euphorbia contains about 2000 species, all of which contain a milky sap that is caustic or poisonous.  Needless to say, deer and gophers stay away from these very interesting, useful and attractive plants.  Euphorbia pulcherrima is the


Gaura is a lovely, airy plant with either pink or white flowers that vaguely resemble butterflies.  Foliage is usually green, but some newer varieties have reddish foliage.  Plant size varies from about two feet to four feet.  Gaura can self-sow vigorously


Gaillardia is a great perennial for sunny spots.  It flowers profusely, loves heat and needs only moderate water.  Flower color ranges from yellow to orange and yellow to bicolor (as shown at left) to red.  Bloom time lasts from early summer


Liriope, or lily turf, is a grass-like shade plant.  There are green leaved versions as well as variegated ones.  Flowers appear on spikes in summer and can be purple or white.  These plants are not attractive to deer.  Provide regular


Campanula poscharskyana and C. portenschlagiana (a.k.a. Serbian and Dalmatian bellflower, respectively) are the two species that we usually have in stock.  They both make great small scale groundcover, growing no more than about eight inches high.  Purple flowers adorn the