Category: Deer Resistant Plants

California Natives

Many native California plants are deer resistant. Among them are the manzanitas, Salvias, Oregon grape (Mahonia aquifolium), Zauschneria (California fuchsia), Romneya (Matilija poppy), Myrica and Prunus ilicifolia and Prunus lyonii.


There are many types of lavender, including Lavandula stoechas (Spanish lavender) with varieties including Otto Quasti, Kew Red and Avondale, Lavandula angustifolia (English lavender) and the many hybrids such as Provence, Munstead, Hidcote and Grosso. Dutch lavender is another, a type

Other Deer Resistant Plants

Pungent herbs are generally unappetizing to the deer population, including Salvia (various types of sage), Nepeta (cat mint) and Origanum (oregano) species. For the shade, ferns are good bets, as are Helleborous, Choisya ternata, Hosta, Liriope, Sarcoccoca, Taxus and Trachelospermum (star jasmine).  There are


Rosemary has flowers in the blue shades, although there are some varieties with pink or white flowers.  Bees love it and deer are loathe to touch it at all.  There is a huge range in size from very low groundcover types