Newsletter for October 2019

Colorize your garden for fall. Add some ‘Purple Baron’ Millet to your containers along with mums in shades of red, orange and yellow. Plant some Calendulas to bloom throughout the winter. Pansies and Violas have arrived in all sorts of colors.

Time to plant all those healthy fall vegetables – spinach, broccoli, kale, chard, carrots and more. You might want to try some Peppermint Swiss Chard: the stems are red and white and when lightly steamed maintain their pink coloring. Great for salads and stews. We also have some starts of carrots; carrots can take quite a while to germinate. Make sure the seedlings are very wet and gently separate them when planting. This should give you a good head start.

Onion sets and garlic bulbs have recently arrived – this is the perfect time to plant them. We have red, white and yellow onions – California, Elephant and Red Rojo garlic. Plant onion bulbs just below the surface 4 to 5″ apart in fertile, well draining soil. If you wish to use them as green bunching onions, plant closer together. Shallots should be arriving any day.

We have a couple of lovely tulip bulb blends. If planting in the ground, make sure you protect them from gophers. They do make good container plantings. You might save them for the following year after they die back – store them in your refrigerator for a couple months. Be sure to fertilize with bulb fertilizer if replanting.

We have new art tiles in many styles and sizes. They make great gifts. The tiles can be hung or set on a shelf or table. Position them indoors or out – we suggest you protect them from harsh weather conditions if used outdoors.

A California native ground cover for the shade – Satureja douglasii commonly called Yerba buena. It can spread up to 3 feet; the leaves and small white flowers are both fragrant. It can also be used for tea. Yerba buena is deer resistant. It looks its best with some irrigation.

We’ve been selling a lot of trees lately – our savvy customers know fall is a great time to plant them. We just received some very handsome Sequoias; we also have many specimen olive trees including the weeping olive tree developed in our county. Crape myrtles continue to be popular in their many sizes and colors and they can also provide good fall color. The Chinese Pistache, Liquidamber and Raywood Ash will soon be displaying their fall colors.

The 2020 Bareroot catalog is here for your perusal. Most of the old favorites are here plus new selections. We have several berries that are suitable for container planting. We are offering three new persimmons and a late ripening peach. Although the plants won’t be available until January, you can place your order anytime before then. Keep in mind the root stock and the chilling hours as you make your selections. We will happy to help you with any questions.