Newsletter for October 2018

We hope you saved some space for fall planting – it’s a great season for planting, especially California natives. Above, three views of the manzanita. Right now we have a wonderful selection. Tallest is ‘Dr. Hurd’, other upright varieties include ‘Sentinel’ and ‘Louis Edmonds’. We have two 15 gallon specimens of ‘Austin Griffiths’. ‘Howard McMinn’ is always popular, growing to about 5 feet with very bright green leaves; also on hand is the lower growing ‘Pacific Mist’.

The Matilija poppy is usually difficult to establish, so this is the very best time to plant it. We have white flowering Epilobium (Zauschneria). A hard to find Salvia ‘Celestial Blue’ is here alongside ‘Pozo Blue’. Rhus ovata is a very tough evergreen shrub that looks handsome all year. A late season bloomer, the native blue aster is here as well. Come in and see for yourself!

“The Cast Iron Plant”, Aspisdistra in a rather exotic form. It’s called ‘Milky Way’. This plant adapts to indoor and outdoor situations. Place it in a container in a shady place on your patio or use it as a house plant. The large strap-like leaves make a strong statement. We also have some smaller plants of the all green variety.

The gorgeous Camellias from Monrovia Nursery have arrived. The lustrous green leaves will soon produce flowers of white, pink and red. A plant that looks great all year and requires only minimum care – good drainage, afternoon shade and a bit of acid in the soil. This little charmer is ‘Pink-a-boo’.

The spring blooming bulbs are here – hurrah! Daffodil bulbs abound and for good reason. Not attractive to gophers or deer plus they reliably return every year. We have dwarf and regular sizes and early, mid and late season bloomers. Also shown above, is Leucojum or “Summer Snowflake”. The plant has been compared to a large Lily of the Valley; it blooms in late spring. We have Ranunculus, Dutch Iris, Tulips, Freesias and more. Now’s the time!

We have a new infusion of Garvinias, the new hybrid Gerbera, bred for greater tolerance of heat and cold. The plants we received have smaller than normal flowers, probably because they were started late in the season. Pictured here is an orange selection which has been in bloom all summer, even during the hottest months! Other colors are yellow, lavender, light orange and cherry.

This ornamental millet ‘Purple Baron’ is a nice edition to the fall garden. Use it with some colorful autumn flowers in the ground or in containers. We have three colors of mums arriving, calendulas, gaillardias, ornamental cabbages and lots of pansies and violas.

Many of you have been asking about onion sets and they are here. We have the usual threesome – red, yellow and white. Also in stock are packages of garlic – California and Elephant. The Spanish Roja will be here shortly along with shallots. Plant onion bulbs just below the surface 4 to 5″ apart in fertile, well draining soil. If you wish to use them as green bunching onions, plant closer together.

The Salvias ‘Hot Lips’ and ‘Blue Velvet’ have been incredibly popular this year. We currently have two very different varieties of Salvia – ‘Darcyi’ and ‘Black and Bloom’. Both are excellent late bloomers and both die completely to the ground in winter. They also send out underground runners but can easily be controlled. They can put on quite a show mid to late autumn.

This is the last month to give your trees and plants some nourishment while the ground is still warm. Check out the variety of fertilizers at the nursery. Our fruit sale continues – lots of trees available.