Newsletter for October 2017

Fall, finally! The cooler temperatures provide a perfect time to plant California natives. Here are just a few of the selections we have on hand (the availability changes weekly):  Prunus lyonii and ilicifolia – great evergreen hedge plants. Various Ceanothus and Manzanitas. Sage – Apiana, Winifred Gilman and more. Epilobium (Zauschneria) ‘Everett’s Choice’ plus two varieties of California buckwheat.

Unlike most Cordylines, this variety, ‘Festival’, does not become a small tree. It is very grass-like with the dramatic leaves providing a year long accent. ‘Festival’ is a hybrid developed from plants of New Zealand. We currently have small one gallon plants – this picture will give you something to look forward to!  We also have  some spectacular Cordyline ‘Design-a-line Burgundy’, which has a similar growth habit, in five gallon pots.

The fall vegetable starts you’ve all been waiting for are here. Also for sale, three varieties of onion sets, and for the garlic connoisseur, we have five different varieties of garlic. New this year are  ‘Killarney Red’ and ‘Chinese Pink’.

Last month, I discussed the many varieties of Salvias. One of the more unusual Greggii types (“Autumn Sage”) is ‘Moonlight’. The flowers, which bloom over a long season, are a very pleasing shade of very pale yellow. This perennial should have no trouble blending in the garden with green, shades of blue, lavender, orange or almost any other color!

The flowering rewards of succulents! Pictured here are Bulbine, Echeveria and Calandrinia. These are some of the showiest succulent flowers. The succulent family is extensive. You can find varieties for containers and bedding plants for shade and sun. The most tender ones can be covered or brought indoors.

Be sure and visit our Gift Gallery. Some items for the western buff.

Snapdragons are an all-time favorite. The shorter varieties such as ‘Montego’ and ‘Floral Showers’ as well as the medium growers, ‘Liberty’ and ‘Sonnet’, are great container and bedding plants. The really tall one, ‘Rocket’, is a great cutting variety. We have a good start on all the cool season annuals such as pansies, violas, calendulas and ornamental cabbage and kale.

All our spring flowering bulbs have arrived. Don’t wait until you see them blooming as it will sadly be too late! We have daffodils large and small, early to late blooming. Tulips, Hyacinths, Freesias, all the old favorites are here to plant. Fortunately, daffodils and narcissus are unappetizing for our local gophers. We have special instructions for forcing the paper white narcissus – a holiday tradition for many.

Grasses are at their fluffy best this time of year – most show off their blooms in fall. Shown here is Muhlenbergia capillaris and Miscanthus ‘Adagio’. The Muhlenbergia is evergreen with very fine blades. There are numerous varieties of Miscanthus, most are deciduous and considered tough and durable. We have, of course, many other grasses from short to tall, gray to green. Come check it out!