Newsletter for October 2016

newsletter-201610-01Time to remind you that fall is the prime planting time for native California plants. The sturdy manzanita seems to be able to withstand our hot dry summers and cold winters admirably. Once established, you can turn off the water! On hand we have Howard McMinn, John Dourley, Austin Griffiths and Paradise in 5 gallons plus Dr. Hurd in 15 gallons. Some other plants of note are the native buck wheats, salvias, and Epilobium (formerly Zauschneria).


newsletter-201610-02Salvia canariensis candidissima is making its first appearance at the nursery. This dynamite plant has furry, silvery leaves with dark fuchsia pink and lavender flowers. The shrub can grow 5 feet in a season and has a very long bloom. Other pluses include minimal water needs and lack of appeal to deer. This stunning salvia is currently available in 5 gallon containers. Cut back to about 2 feet in fall after blooming.


newsletter-201610-03Sansevierias are one of the toughest house plants known to man! Pictured here is ‘Bantel’s Sensation’, a rare and unusual variety – but still a tough one. Sansevierias not only survive in low light but you can forget to water them for a week or two.




newsletter-201610-05The blooming bulbs of spring are here! Daffodils are foolproof – gopher resistant and long lived. The various types will bloom over a long period – early, mid-season and late. The purple and copper colored Dutch iris would make a stunning mass display. The recycled glass vases are new this year – they’re perfect for forcing hyacinth bulbs; later use as a bud vase. We have three colors of hyacinth bulbs and they have all been prepared for forcing.




Classic bowls for planting succulents or bulbs and next to them some handsome planters from Mexico – very reasonably priced.




The cool season annuals have begun to arrive just in time to jazz up your pots for the months ahead.


newsletter-201610-08Stipa ichu or “Peruvian feather grass” is here again. The Mexican variety is more well known, but this grass outshines it! The tall shimmering flower stems can reach 5 feet; they are stunning when showered in light. Also, the seed heads do not become thick and clumping or readily reseed. We have quite a few more spectacular grasses – Miscanthus gracillimus, Miscanthus transmorrisonensis (the evergreen one) and the new Pennisetum, First Knight.




Onion sets, garlic and shallots are available as well as the vegetable starts for fall planting. Look for the usual broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, cabbage, etc. as well as broccoli raab, and Asian greens.


newsletter-201610-10A charming gift – clocks with moving pendulums. Other animals available. We have so many items that will amuse and delight you!


newsletter-201610-11These “Little Ollie” topiaries are always popular, but probably more so closer to the holidays. Use them as temporary indoor accents or next to the front door as is or decorated with seasonal décor. After a year or two, repot them in a larger container and enjoy for many more years. Currently in stock are patio trees of the “Sweet Bay” tree, Laurus nobilis. They are elegant container plants and don’t forget to dry a few leaves for your stew!

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