Newsletter for November 2019

One of our favorite violas – “Honey Bee”. We expect to have a diverse selection of violas and pansies through out the season. These delightful flowers are oblivious to the cold. Other colorful annuals that are ripe for the planting include Calendulas, Snapdragons, Stock, Paludosum daisies, Iceland poppies and Osteospermum. We also have 6 packs of sweet peas and bamboo tipis for them to climb on. The plants will overwinter and begin to bloom in spring. The same is true for the edible Sugar Snap peas.

It’s still a great time to plant trees – many of them are now displaying their fall colors. Remember that trees are there for the long haul. Select ones that fit your landscape, taking into account power lines and proximity to your house and, if applicable, septic leach lines. Some of the most popular trees for our area include Chinese Pistache, Raywood Ash, Flowering pears and plums and several varieties of Maple.

Our annual supply of evergreen Christmas trees will be arriving this month – large Nordmann Firs and Colorado Blue Spruce. Other smaller trees include Bosnian pines and Elberta Sprue. Also look for some really nice Japanese Maple specimens.

We have a very good selection of winter vegetables. A popular new addition is “Tango” celery. The plant has better flavor and bigger yields than older types – the stalks are tender, crunchy and sweet. Another offering is “Satin” carrots – these white carrots are advertised to be very sweet and fast growing with a small core. People usually grow carrots from seed, but they often take a long time to germinate. If you purchase these in 6 packs, soak the plants well and divide them, planting each plant individually. We also have lots of lettuce, Swiss chard and more.

Just arrived – gallon and 4″ Salvia “Hot Lips” probably our most popular perennial. Also here is Salvia “Mystic Spires” with its brilliant blue flowers. This variety is a dwarf form of “Indigo spires”; it’s great in the garden or in containers, blooming late spring to fall. A very hardy form of Lobelia, laxiflora is here as well.

Impressive new metal sculptures from Haiti are here. Be sure and check out our Gift Gallery – we have lots of new and unusual offerings there.

In hopeful anticipation for our winter rains, we have a great selection of seeds for fall planting. The choices include mixes of California wildflowers and Native California wildflowers. Single varieties include Allysum, Calendula, Cosmos and Sunflowers. If you have need for a drought tolerant erosion control, try planting Clover. The best planting time is just before a rain. If possible, it’s best to lightly scratch the soil We also carry six packs of California poppies.

The ubiquitous shrub, Nandina (Heavenly bamboo) is always a worthy candidate for fall color – several species are available. It’s a fine plant for the landscape and does extremely well in containers. Plant in sun or shade.

Just arrived – our annual shipment of gorgeous camellias. We have both Sasanqua and Japanese varieties available. An evergreen shrub for the shade with amazing flowers – you can’t ask for anything more!

We had an unexpected cold snap this week and sold out all of our frost protecting row cover. We expect to receive a shipment this coming week. You can customize your frost protection. For small plants, construct a cylinder out of chicken wire and cover with the row cover. Common plants in need of protection include citrus and tender perennials such as Lisianthus.

Three popular holiday bulbs. All three can be forced and brought indoors.