Newsletter for November 2018

Christmas trees will be arriving in November. Look for Nordmann fir and Colorado blue spruce.

Most summer blooming plants are shutting down due to the shorter, cooler days. Ceratostigma griffithii is, however, in all its glory! This large, deciduous shrub will grow 5 to 6 feet in height and width. It is quite easy to maintain, the water requirements are minimal and the plant is considered deer resistant. It will provide fall color for many years.

‘First Knight’ Pennisetum is a relatively new form of the genus. It’s a striking addition to the garden. Although it dies completely to the ground, it reaches 5 to 6 feet by mid summer the following year. The leaves are much broader than other of its species. This grass takes a while to emerge in the spring, so be patient. It will be an outstanding accent until the frost takes it down.

Here’s another spectacular fall grass – Muhlenbergia capillaris. This grass is noted for its lovely, pink, fluffy blooms. Several varieties have recently been introduced, but they all have these same characteristics including thin, evergreen blades. The native grass, Muhlenbergia rigens is quite handsome in its own way. It’s great for naturalizing; the blooms are cream colored and very upright.

Paper White Narcissus are a traditional holiday gift. Their fragrance is intense! The bulbs require only a base of small rocks and water. We have a healthy supply of bulbs and small rocks as well. We also have a small hand-out suggesting adding a bit of alcohol to the water to prevent the plants from becoming overly tall. The holidays are getting closer!

Two Amaryllis you say? Aha – not so fast, The first picture is indeed a true Amaryllis – the bella donna or often called “The Naked Lady”. This drought tolerant bulb produces strap-like leaves in spring; in late summer the leaves disappear and stems of pink blooms pop up in August. The latter bulb is actually a Hippeastrum but it is commonly called an Amaryllis. This is a favorite holiday bulb very popular for forcing indoors. We have both!

Many new glorious creations from Haiti. These carved wall hangings make great gifts. They can decorate your walls inside and out.

Autumn leaves are falling. It’s a good time to think about adding fall color to your garden. Some of the most popular trees are Chinese pistache, Liquidamber and Flowering Pears. Crape myrtles can also be quite colorful. The oak leaf Hydrangea has lovely dark red leaves this time of year as well.

One of our colorful signs. We also have a local craftsman who creates rusty signs with slogans such as “My Secret Garden’, “I Love Dogs and Wine” and “Life is Good”. If you have a particular thought you’d like to have put to metal, we can arrange it!

We have some handsome Loropetalum ‘Ever Red’ plants in stock. The dark, evergreen leaves are a great contrast in the landscape. The small red flowers bloom in spring and fall. Loropetalums do best with afternoon shade in our area. Also on hand, two patio trees of Loropetalulm ‘Razzleberri’. The plants are native to Japan and China.