Newsletter for May 2018

It’s gratifying to see all the dedicated gardeners searching for just the right plant! And what better time to do it than spring? There are so many colorful choices.

Calibrachoas are among the most popular hanging baskets. These colorful little flowers are close relatives of the Petunia, but they seem to endure the hot summers a bit better. We also have the plants available in 4″ pots and sometimes in six packs. Look for hanging ivy geraniums and fuchsias as well.


Vegetable gardening is at its peak. You might want to stick to the tried and true. We have Ace, Early Girl, Better Boy and Celebrity tomatoes for you. For the more adventurous try Indigo Rose, Orange Russian or German Johnson. Peppers are here, hot and mild. Some of the smaller types include Padron, Shishito and Lunchbox. Don’t forget the herbs – too many to mention!


Helping the bees and butterflies is a worthy cause for the gardener. Here are a few plants to further the cause. Monarda is commonly called ‘bee balm’, available here in 4″ and 6 packs. Monarda is a hardy perennial preferring sun and regular moisture. A handout written by one of our customers offers many other bee friendly plants. It should be available at the counter.

Buddleja or “butterfly bush” is arriving in quantity this month. Various types are available in heights from three to eight feet and colors dark purple to red-violet. Look for the native milkweed plants later in the season; they are hosts for the monarch butterflies.


The ‘Titan’ sunflowers we’ve been selling in 4″ pots are very tall witih a single stem and are grown for their very large seed heads. ‘Sunfinity’, arriving this week, is quite a different plant. We sold this amazing new variety last year; the plant branches out for many, many weeks and is a terrific ornamental. It’s great as a container plant or in the ground.


Apple blossom time! And the coddling moths are ready to invade. They lay their eggs in the blossoms and their offspring eat their way out! You can set traps out in the trees to monitor their arrival. After the petals drops, spray with either spinosad or horticultural oil.


Annuals deliver lots of summer color and marigolds are always near the top of the list. This is the second year for a special variety, ‘Strawberry Blonde’. The blend of colors are quite unique. Pair it with blue salvias, yellow and orange zinnias or white shasta daisies. Don’t forget the slow release fertilizer, Osmocote.

Pictured below are a few suggestions for Mother’s Day.
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