Newsletter for March 2019

Last call for bareroot! Still available many scrumptious varieties. Fuji apples – perhaps the most favorite apple. Red apples – very desirable. The perfect pairing – Red Fuji apple! We have a good selection of figs, peaches and nectarines in both standard and semi-dwarf varieties. Also – lots of berries. Don’t wait any longer!

Whatever would we do without the ubiquitous rosemary plants! Right now we have some very handsome specimens of three varieties, ‘Boule’, ‘Tuscan Blue’ and ‘Collingwood Ingram’. ‘Boule’ ( a French word for ball) is the most diminutive, reaching only 18 to 24″ tall and wide. ‘Tuscan Blue’, with dark lavender blue flowers can grow 5 to 6 feet tall and wide. ‘Collingwood Ingram’ is 2 to 2 1/2 feet tall and can spread to 4 feet. The plant exhibits graceful, arching branches which display dark, bright blue flowers in spring and fall. This variety is not always available. A cautionary word: Rosemary should be pruned to keep its growth in check as it has a tendency to grow larger than predicted.


You can still take advantage of our continuing rains and toss out some flower seeds. California poppies are always a delight; other non-natives include Scarlet Flax and Larkspur. You might want to schedule an outing to areas in the county known for wild flower displays such as Shell Creek. This should be a year for great viewing.

Here’s a novel wooden heart crafted by a local artisan. Customers enjoy wandering around the nursery to discover the many garden and gift items we stock.

The bareroot roses are now in their new containers; the biodegradable pots ensure lack of root damage. We have an excellent selection. Orchid Romance and Michelangelo are both very fragrant varieties.

An early flowering cherry, ‘First Lady’. Soon to follow the Eastern and Western redbud tree. We’ll be featuring other flowering cherries as well as crab apples, plums and pears. Many peaches and nectarines provide lovely spring color as well as delicious fruit.

Rains come and weeds thrive! We have several non-toxic weed killers as well as pre-emergents. Round-up and Remuda are still being debated as to their environmental harm. Here’s a really safe and sure way to eliminate those weeds!

We’re looking forward to a very promising spring. As the weather warms we’ll be adding all the shrubs and perennials that thrive in our area. Shown here as some early bloomers – Westringia, Teucrium and Phlomis.

Lewisia ‘Elise’ is one of our favorite new plants. This succulent is a member of the Portulaca family. It’s a new hybrid which is started from seed. And boy, does it bloom! It even blooms in the winter. We have several 6 packs at this time – hope to have them regularly. They’re great in containers. Good drainage is essential.