Newsletter for March 2018

Will March bring us more much needed rain? All fingers are crossed! Plants such as this very handsome variegated Agave will thrive in even the driest situations. The narrow-leaved succulent, Hesperaloe, produces stunning, tall stalks of flowers in coral, yellow or red. Yuccas and Dasylirions are also great choices for the drought tolerant garden.


These succulents are both Dudleyas – Dudleya pulverulenta and Dudleya lanceolata and they’re both native to California. The first Dudleya does best with some shade in the North County. Unlike many succulents it does not send out runners; instead it remains a single rosette and grows taller with an extended base. Lanceolata, on the other hand, thrives in hot locations, such as dry banks and forms small clumps. Both are extremely drought tolerant.


We still have a great selection of summer blooming bulbs. If you are a bit overwhelmed by the typical tall gladiolus, you might try these more diminutive ones labeled ‘Orchid’. They only grow 20″ tall and would be a charming addition to a summer bouquet. Still available are many handsome varieties of Dahlias.


A small pair of lambs to add to the Bay Laurel animal farm. An unusual gift for an unusual person.

Artichokes in any size you need! We have 4″, one gallon and five gallon plants. In addition to their edible qualities, the plants are quite ornamental. The large silvery leaves give way to large, lavender thistle-like blooms.

We have a new variety of Sugar Snap Pea named ‘Sugar Ann’. These plants are compact and need no staking plus they bear earlier than other sugar snap peas. We also have lots of new vegetable starts as well as herbs.


March is the ideal time for starting warm weather vegetable seeds. We have the items you’ll need for this project, including packets of organic seeds and small fiber cells.


‘Claremont’ Western redbud is a selected variety chosen for its outstanding form and dark pink flowers. The vivid blooms are followed by heart shaped, blue-green leaves. This drought tolerant, small tree would be a wonderful addition to any landscape.

Here are a few ideas for some early blooming shrubs: Lilac, sweet broom, Teucrium fruticosa, Forsythia and ornamental quince. Spanish lavender is the first lavender to bloom and we have some handsome plants on hand.

The annual sale of Bumper Crop soil amendment begins this month.

The bareroot season will soon be over, so hurry in if you don’t want to miss out! We do have a good selection of blackberries and raspberries in quart containers. Varieties include Heritage and Fall Gold Raspberry, Thornless Boysenberry and Olallie berries.