Newsletter for March 2017

Newsletter-201703-01Glorious spring brings early blooming shrubs to lift the spirits, an added bonus to our bountiful rainfall!  Enjoy the gold of Forsythia or the coral and red shades of flowering quince. Add to this the many varieties of our spectacular native Ceanothus with its varying shades of flower colour from light blue to deep purple-blue and different growth habits and sizes from low growing to those reaching heights of 15 feet.

Newsletter-201703-02The long-awaited Bumper Crop sale is on! The 2 foot cubic bag of organic soil amendment is our most popular. Normally $7.99 a bag, $18.99 will buy three bags. The contents of Bumper Crop include chicken manure, bat guano, peat moss and several types of mycorrhizae, beneficial fungi which help soil retain water and nutrients. The time of year for starting your vegetable seeds and planting vegetable starts is here! Summer varieties should arrive near the end of the month.

We have an excellent supply of vegetable starts right now, including several varieties of lettuce, kale, Swiss chard, beets, spinach and sugar snap peas. Inside you will find seed potatoes, garlic and shallot bulbs.


We have lots of fun decorations for the garden and home. Come browse.

Newsletter-201703-04Waste no more time – the bareroot season is ending in a few weeks! In spite of the many sold out items, we still have lots of great trees. We have an abundance of Fuyu persimmons this year as we usually sell out of them early in the season. Also available are Fan-Stil pears; they’re self-fruitful, very disease resistant with smooth, juicy flesh. Extend the apple season with Sundowner, the new variety from New Zealand which ripens in November. This apple is a sport of the popular Pink Lady. And for an easy to pick apple. plant a dwarf Fuji that will only grow 5 to 6 feet tall.

March is an excellent time to fertilize your fruit trees as well as roses and any other plants that need a little boost.

Nectarine and peach trees are in full flower this time of year. We wait all year for these delectable fruits but there is a dastardly bug, Lygus lineolaris (tarnished plant bug) that hatches its eggs in the blossoms and eats the very young fruit causing it to appear distorted. Fight for your fruit! Spray the blossoms when they first show signs of color and again when the petals have dropped. You can use safe products such as Bonide’s “Fruit Tree and Plant Guard” spray or horticultural oil.

Newsletter-201703-05Try this gorgeous combination of dahlias! You will find many other dahlia bulbs along with begonias, lilies, cannas, Crocosmias and gladiolas. Dahlias make excellent cut flowers as do lilies. Cannas can add a tropical air to your garden. Most of these bulbs will return for many years.

We’ve added a lot of 6 pack annuals and perennials this last month. Coming this week are many blooming 4″ plants. Look for Salvia ‘Hot Lips’, columbine, perennial violas and Santa Barbara daisies among others.

Newsletter-201703-06Colorful gloves to help with the tough jobs in the garden. Weeds? I think we have a bumper crop this year, thanks to all the much needed rain. Arriving later, a new line of leather and synthetic leather gloves. We also carry the Slogger boots and shoes.

Newsletter-201703-07A gorgeous specimen of Arbutus marina. This handsome, evergreen tree is in the same family as our native manzanita; the small, tear-drop flowers appear in both. Arbutus marina grows at a moderate rate 25 to 40 feet tall. Once established it requires only moderate irrigation. We have some very nice 15 gallon, multi-trunked plants in the nursery at this time. The tree can be grown as a standard but I believe it’s more appealing as the multi-trunk example shown in the picture.

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