Newsletter for June 2018

Dahlias return with all their alluring shades. Find a spot in your landscape or in a large container – you won’t be disappointed! Dahlias have flowers of yellow, pink, red, orange and purple, plus they have leaves of green and darkest bronze green. In our climate, you can choose to keep them in their location all year or remove the tubers and store until next spring. If you have heavy soil, there’s a chance they may rot with too much moisture.


Our options for potting soil and soil amendments keep expanding. We still carry the regular and premium Master Nurseryman potting soil. We’ve added the Raised Bed and Potting soil mix, as well as the 420 variety, the highest priced and, if as advertised, the most effective. We’ll try to advise you on the best product for your needs, but you may want to do some experimenting on your own.


Hostas are prized plants for the shade and we just received a great new shipment. These plants are suited for the shady border or an attractive container. They will totally disappear in the winter, only to return larger the following spring. Slugs and snails consider them to be quite a treat, so guard them accordingly! ‘Sluggo’ is an excellent deterrent as well as diatomaceous earth. Bell-like flowers in lavender and white appear later in the season, but it’s the foliage that makes them so spectacular.


A stunning item returns from last year – colorful lilies in 4″ containers. Plant them in fertile, well draining soil and expect them to return for many years. There are many bargains to be had in 4″ pots – they just demand a little more patience! Other examples include Salvias, Dahlias, Scabiosas and Nepeta.


Finally – French tarragon has arrived to the relief of all you gourmet cooks! And don’t be fooled by its imposters, Russian tarragon and the Mexican marigold, Tagetes lucida. This is the REAL tarragon. We try to stock herbs most of the year. In addition to the regular basil, we currently have Greek columnar basil. This plant grows for an extremely long period and seems never to flower or go to seed.

Many choices for shade. ‘Electric Lime’ Coleus, pink and white Fuchsia and ‘Blue Wonder’ Scaevola.

An innovation in the tomato world – very dwarf varieties for the patio. The vegetable season is winding down, but we expect a few more essentials this week including zucchini, lemon cucumbers, sweet and hot peppers, and six packs of Crenshaw melons. For best results with your vegetables, remember to fertilize them, preferably once a month.


Some lovely butterflies to hang on your wall. We have lots of plants to encourage the real ones to enter your garden. Look for the native Asclepias fascicularis in one gallon containers along with Buddleias (butterfly bush) and many types of Lantana.


In addition to the native milkweed, peruse our many other California natives. We currently have the very popular Matilija poppy. In 4″ plants, we have Salvia apiana and spathacea as well as a very showy native penstemon, ‘Margarita Bop’.

We sold all our bareroot figs this year, but we brought some popular varieties in recently. We always warn our customers about the gopher’s appetite for figs! You might construct some very strong baskets of hardware cloth or consider planting them in large containers. These succulent fruits are certainly worth the trouble!


Sunflower ‘Sunfinity’ returns. The very special attributes of ‘Sunfinity’ are its branching and very long bloom time.