Newsletter for July 2020

Dipladenia is a lovely flowering plant that has become a very popular item. At the moment we have red in gallons and red and pink in 4″ plants. Dipladenia flowers throughout the summer with large trumpet shaped flowers and glossy, dark green leaves. It’s best used as a container plant in the North County as it does not tolerate frost. Trim the old flowers and be sure to cover the plant when frost is expected.

The vegetable season is drawing to an end but we will continue to carry herbs for the summer. And finally strawberry plants are back! We also have some lovely blueberries from Monrovia Nursery, ‘Bountiful Blue’. These compact berry plants are ideal for containers. They prefer some afternoon shade here in the North County. Additionally, some very large grape plants have arrived – red Crimson and green Thompson seedless.

There’s always a place for our California natives and we have a few new ones for sale. Solidago californica is the native goldenrod, blooming in late summer with, obviously, golden flowers! It was mistakenly believed that this plant is responsible for allergy attacks, but it has been determined that other wild plants are actually to blame. Another addition is the manzanita, ‘Ken Taylor’. This is a low growing ground cover type. And lastly, we currently have some white flowered Epilobium (Zauschneria). These might fare better with some afternoon shade.

Hats and gloves for your gardening pleasure.

Here’s a sensational Hydrangea for the shade garden, ‘Limelight’. If you have the right conditions this will be a great focal point. Hydrangeas prefer rich, moist soil. This is one of the tallest varieties, reaching 6 to 8 feet. It is advertised to have lime green flowers but they seem to be closer to cream. The large, cone-shaped flowers can be used as cut flowers as well as enhancing your shade garden. We have several varieties of Hydrangeas including one with variegated leaves.

Wondering what’s blooming in July? The tough, vibrant Vitex for one. This hardy shrub/tree has bright lavender-blue flowers in long racemes. It’s great for a background plant. This is also the season for Buddlejas, the “Butterfly Bush”. We hope to keep the various varieties coming in as the summer progresses. Staying with the color scheme, there’s Perovskia (Russian sage), reaching 4 to 5 ft. A smaller variety, ‘Little Spire’, grows to only 2 – 3 feet.

You might say earwigs are persistent and not very discriminating. You will find them among your vegetables, munching in your fruit trees and hiding inside your beautiful roses! Sluggo Plus is back. This product is recommended for organic gardening and it not only deters earwigs but also sow bugs, snails, and more. Another common pest this time of year is the bud worm – attacking petunias and geraniums among others. We have two products to combat these pests – ‘Take Down’ and ‘Captain Jacks’.

Hostas for the shade. These beauties are in 4″ pots and getting ready to bloom! They are one of the mainstays of the shade garden. Just remember where you planted them as they totally disappear in the winter. Also, beware of slugs and snails.

Many of the most colorful shade flowers are annuals but the tubers from the brightly colored tuberous Begonias can be stored over the winter and replanted next spring. They’re great in containers.