Newsletter for January 2020

Start the new year with optimism – plant a fruit tree! And boy, do we have lots of those. Come and see for yourself. You will discover apricots, apples, cherries, figs, nectarines, peaches and the list goes on. The earlier you arrive, the better the selection. It’s true we have sold out of a few varieties, but there are lots more to be had. If you want to check things out before coming to the nursery, go to our other website for the latest availability. We’ll be very happy to help you choose the right tree for your situation – keeping in mind your soil, climate and individual tastes. For many creative ideas for your home orchard, check out the Dave Wilson website at

Our handy little pruning book is just in time for the prime pruning season. You’ll find tips for pruning fruit trees, grapes, berries and also roses. And a reminder that we now carry the popular pruning shears, Bahco.

Love’s Promise, New Zealand and Fragrant Cloud. Roses! Some of the old favorites and some of the new – all quite beautiful. The varieties above are all very fragrant hybrid teas. We also have lots of floribundas, climbers, shrub types and many tree roses.

For the first time in many years we’re offering several selections of the bareroot David Austin roses. Shown here is one of the favorite climbing roses, ‘Golden Celebration’. Most varieties are extremely fragrant. We are expecting their arrival later in the month.

Time to spray the peaches and nectarines to avert the fungal disease commonly called Peach Leaf Curl. This is the product we recommend. Another serious disease affecting apples and pears is Fire Blight, a viral disease. We do have a new anti-viral product; unfortunately it is very expensive. If you have a number of trees that are susceptible, it just might be worth the investment.

Last chance for spring flowering bulbs, they’re on sale for 25% off. We still have quite a number of Hyacinths. Although they are often sold to be forced in small vases, they also are a great companion to daffodils. I have had white ones return for many years – does this mean they are gopher resistant? The jury is still out…

In case you missed the item several months ago in the Tribune, the local San Luis Obispo paper, regarding the cleansing properties of house plants, here’s a brief summary. House plants not only add beauty to your surroundings, they also help purify the air. Some of the toxins they help to eliminate include formaldehyde, benzene and carbon monoxide. Here’s a short list of some effective plants: Chinese evergreen (Aglaonema) Golden Pothos, Dracaenas, Philodendrons, Peace lily (Spathiphyllum), Snake plant (Sansevrieria ) and Spider plant.

An elegant lady to grace your landscape.