Newsletter for January 2019

Each day brings us closer to harvest with the delicious images of fresh picked peaches and apples and blackberries! And now is the time for planting. We have our usual amazing selection. Most of the fruit trees offer choices in types of root stock. The two most important factors involve your type of soil and the desired size of tree. The majority of our trees are suitable for the North County where we have about 800 hours of chill. We also stock many low chill varieties suitable for areas in the South County.

Shown here are two of the new styles available in the Slogger boots. You can order many of the available styles in your own size. Also available are the Slogger shoes. They should be very useful in the coming months as our weather men are predicting some substantial storms. Keep your fingers crossed!

These bright metal flowers bring color to the winter garden. We have many colors and shapes to match your taste. They seem to be very popular!

The myriad forms and colors of roses are ready to pluck from the bins and beautify your garden! If you’d like to see what’s available, check out our other website

Pictured at the top is the lovely climber, Polka. Below it is an older variety of hybrid tea, Oklahoma. And last, a brand new floribunda, Summer Romance. The roses you will not find on the website are the tree roses – and we have a large selection of those. The standard tree roses are 36″ tall and the patio tree roses are 24″. The actual roses vary from hybrid teas to floribundas.

As you prune your established roses remember to remove all the old leaves from the plant and around the base. We have some very practical gloves for the job that will keep your lower arms free from those pesky thorns.

Time to spray the peaches and nectarine to avert the fungal disease commonly called ‘Peach Leaf Curl’. This is the product we recommend. We have a fairly new product, Monterey Complete Disease Control which is advertised to suppress the bacterial disease affecting pears and apples, Fire Blight. We believe that it is a preventative, so if you have a serious problem with this disease, you might spray your apples and pears that have not yet been affected.

Locally crafted ceramic people to decorate your shelves. Perfect for small succulents or anything else you wish to contain – pens? – paper clips? Well anyway, they’re awfully cute!