Newsletter for February 2018

Our bareroot plants and trees are still center stage. Don’t be dismayed by all the sold signs; you can still find excellent choices for your home orchard! Our newest hybrid fruit tree, the Pluerry is still available. The tree is a cross of plum and cherry. Sweet Treat Pluerry has been among the top fruit at tastings the last three years. Fruit does not drop when ripe, it just gets sweeter! Candy Heart has dark red and speckled skin and amber and red flesh. The fruit has a wonderful unique flavor and an extended hang time, but peak ripeness is around mid-August.

A Sweet Treat Pluerry or Burgundy Plum will act as pollenizer. Sugar Twist is the newest of the new. The flavor has the sugar sweet taste of a ripe cherry with a twist of plum and it ripens in mid June. Many late blooming plums and pluots will act as pollenizers. And then there are the newest donut type fruits – Sauzee King Nectarine and Sauzee Swirl Peach – more unique and delicious fruits to add to your home orchard.

This is one of the many new hellebores available. The plant is well adapted to the shade. The dramatic leaves are evergreen and the blossoms present themselves in the dead of winter even in the North County. We have a very good selection at present; “Winter Jewel”, “Amber Gem” and “Sparkling Diamonds”. Another winter gem for the shade is the extremely fragrant Daphne. This shrub is somewhat temperamental, insisting on good drainage.


A sampling of the colorful annuals just arrived – pansies and English primroses. You will also find the old fashioned fragrant perennial violet, Viola odorata and 6 packs of sweet peas, delphiniums, Armeria and many more.

Manzanitas are a winter delight! Pictured here is Paradise; it is currently in full bloom and visited regularly by bees and hummingbirds. It’s not available very often, but we currently have a good supply of one gallon plants. We have some nice five gallon Prunus lyonii, sturdy, evergreen shrubs that make a handsome and durable hedge or screen. Little by little, we are restocking our native plant supply.


Lots of cool season vegetables are available right now. Don’t forget to add rich organic matter to your soil. We have many options including Bumper Crop and the local product ‘Black Diamond Vermicompost’. No, no tomatoes yet! We plan on bringing in some tender plants sometime in March.


Here is a new and very useful grass-like perennial, Lomandra ‘Platinum Beauty’. The plant grows 2 to 3 feet tall and wide. It is very versatile, adapting to dry or ordinary garden conditions. It would also make a great container plant; some afternoon shade would probably be best up here in the North County. Lomandras originated in Australia. Their many attributes are being appreciated as they become more available.


Seed potatoes have arrived. We have red ones, blue ones, gold ones plus garlic starts.


Summer flowering bulbs have also arrived. Shown here are two new varieties. The first is Dahlia ‘Rebecca’s World’ and the second is a new tuberose ‘Yellow Baby’ which will be arriving in March. We have a good selection of Dahlias plus glads, lilies, Crocosmia and more.
And finally, a fabulous winter accent – the coral bark Japanese maple (‘Sango kaku’). A plant for all seasons! We have some lovely specimens at this time. We also have some handsome five gallon Arbutus ‘Marina’ trees. This is an evergreen tree that looks great any time of the year.