Newsletter for February 2017

Newsletter-201702-01The bareroot season is in full swing – but our huge supply is dwindling! Go to the website to check on the current availability. We have quite a few blueberries and goji berries for sale. For the adventurous there is a good supply of jujube trees. And still on hand, the non-astringent persimmons – Fuyu and Giant Fuyu and the astringent variety, Saijo.

Newsletter-201702-02Fans of rose trees will be pleased at the great selection still available. We have 36″ and 24″ heights as well as miniatures. The prices increase later in the season as we order in container plants so don’t delay! Soon all the roses will exit the bareroot stage. Many of them will be planted in bio-degradable pots so you can plant them immediately. If we no longer have your favorite, we will be ordering many more in the late spring.

Newsletter-201702-03You may have noticed the rather sad bedding section and lack of herbs and vegetables. We’re starting to refresh the supply! The weather, as fantastic as it has been, is not very kind to little 6 packs and 4″ plants. Look for blooming pansies, violas, calendulas and lots of herbs. Also, spinach, kale and peas.

Newsletter-201702-04Here’s a new product – Monterey Complete Disease Control. This is advertised to control both fungal and bacterial diseases. We believe it is one of the only products said to prevent Fire Blight. So if you’ve had a problem with this disease on your apples, pears or other ornamentals, we recommend spraying during the dormant season. Also, remember to spray for Peach Leaf Curl at the same time.


Seeds for 2017 – we have vegetable seeds including organic seeds plus seeds for flowers. We also have wildflower seeds including California poppies. It’s time to get started! We can order heating mats for the zealous planter (about $50 for a 20′ x 20′ mat). Be sure and add lots of organic material to your beds – Bumper Crop is our most popular. Our seed potatoes have also arrived.

Newsletter-201702-06Amaryllis belladonna – just one of the newly arrived summer blooming bulbs. We have a terrific selection of dahlias plus lilies, freesias, tuberous begonias and more. It’s never too early to start planning for spring planting.

Newsletter-201702-07One of our most spectacular native shrubs is the Ceanothus. Shown here is Dark Star with brilliant purple-blue flowers. There are many varieties within the Ceanothus genus – low growing to tree-like with flower colors from white to this dark blue. Ceanothus usually have a life span of 7 to 15 years. But an occasional replanting is a small price to pay for a lovely, drought resistant shrub.



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