Newsletter for December 2020

The “Bareroot” season is off and running! The new arrivals, however, are not bareroot at all! The growers have recently grown many offerings in small, quart size pots. Although this has added to the price, the advantages definitely outweigh the cost. The plants do not need to be planted right after purchase and they have a much better chance of survival due to a greater root structure. Here’s what we have right now; berries of all sorts – blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, goji berries, – figs and pomegranates. To see the up-to-date availability for the bareroot plants, go to our website –

The holiday trees are here. (The prehistoric figures amongst them are quite harmless.) We have the usual Nordmann firs and this year, a special variety of the Colorado Blue Spruce, ‘Baby Blue’. This spruce only grows to about 20 feet – in many years. The vivid blue needles make it a great accent. Give it regular water and some afternoon shade in the North County.

Cabbages big and small. We have lovely colors of white, red and pink in 4″ pots. The one shown is in an 8″ container and makes a striking display. Pansies and violas abound, with Calendulas, stock and snapdragons. We still have a great supply of daffodil bulbs to plant now or offer as gifts.

A few suggestions for your holiday shopping.

Don’t forget your fruit trees in the midst of all this merriment. Attempt to head off the insidious “leaf curl” which attacks peaches and nectarins. It is recommended to spray the trees 2 to 3 times during the dormant season. The most important spray is when you see color on the buds, just before they open. A customer who has had excessive leaf curl recommends adding Neem oil to the Liqui-cop. And another has had success using only Neem oil.

We have some handsome new benches with matching containers. Also in stock are lots of terra cotta pots, sizes small to very large.

The genus Hypericum (commonly called ‘St John’s Wort’) has added some really smashing hybrids called ‘Floralberry’. They were initially bred for the florist industry because of their very attractive berries. And now, luckily, they are available to retail nurseries. The current variety here is ‘Floralberry Sangria’. The leaves are very showy, dark green with red undertones. The shrub produces yellow flowers in spring followed by the very colorful berries. They make a great display in the garden as well as in a vase. This deciduous plant grows to about 3 feet tall and wide.

We expect bareroot strawberries later in the season but we currently have ‘Berri Basket White’ in 4″ plants. The white refers to the flowers, not the berries. This is a compact variety which does particularly well in containers and hanging baskets. Bareroot varieties to arrive later are ‘Albion’ and ‘Seascape’.

We have a lovely selection of poinsettias this year – marble, country quilt and red flowers with variegated leaves. The white variety is ‘White Princettia’ – true white flowers in delicate clusters. Wishing you a happy and safe holiday. Thanks to all of you for being such loyal and supportive customers!!

Sabrina, our saucy new cat, is posing for a Halloween calendar.