Newsletter for December 2019

Conifer time! Gorgeous greens and blues to celebrate the season. We have a great selection of Nordmann firs and Colorado Blue Spruce along with some more unusual varieties such as Austrian and Bosnian pines. We have instructions for indoor use as well as outdoor. Large saucers are available for use inside. We can also provide delivery for the larger trees.

It’s begun – the bareroot season! Once again, we have many plants in small containers. They include figs and pomegranates plus lots of berries – blueberries, blackberries and raspberries. There are some exciting new varieties which are perfect for container planting. Pick them up now or reserve them for your planting date.

We still have a good selection of bulbs – lovely tulips, yellow daffodils just arrived, paper whites and hyacinths. It’s not too late to plant them. We can’t over-emphasize the rewards you will reap in the spring!

Works of art to fill with plants of your choosing! Many different styles and sizes. Containers aren’t the only decorative items we receive from Mexico. We have an extensive collection of very colorful animals including birds, cats, butterflies and more. Our humorous ant figures are quite popular. And then there are the striking sun figures to hang on your wall.

We’ve filled our shelves with lots of new and unusual gift items just in time for the holidays. Come in and take a look!

Finally, our supplier has started to carry one of our favorite brands of pruning shears – Bahco. We have two sizes available, depending on the size of branch you need to cut. These pruners fit very nicely in your hands and are very long-lived and reliable. Also available in this brand, saws and loppers.

You can still add bright winter color to your containers and landscape. The best bets to stand up to freezing temperatures are: Pansies, Violas, Calendulas, English primroses and Ornamental Kale and Cabbages. The “Laser” varieties of Cyclamen are also advertised to handle about 20 degrees.

In addition to the holiday conifers, we have lots of greenery to fill your landscape or container garden. This is the time of year we stock many of the sculptured shrubs and topiaries that add a bit of formality to the garden. We also have some unusual varieties of cypress in one gallons – Tecate, Macnab and Cuyamaca. Should all do well here.

A most appropriate Camellia for the season is the lovely “Yuletide”. This is one of the Sasanqua types; they bloom earlier than their relatives, the Japonicas. The flowers of the Sasanqua varieties usually have smaller flowers but they tend to be more profuse; many have Japanese names with single blooms. We have a great selection of both types.

Thanks to all our great customers – we appreciate your support throughout the year! We hope you have a wonderful holiday!