Newsletter for December 2018

Conifer time! Gorgeous greens and blues to celebrate the season. We have a great selection of Nordmann firs and Colorado Blue Spruce along with some more unusual varieties such as Austrian and Bosnian pines. We have instructions for indoor use as well as outdoor. Also available are large saucers. We can also provide delivery for the larger trees.

A threesome with the title “winter color”. Great additions to the winter palette. Pictured here are the Berberis ‘Dwarf Ruby’, Nandina ‘Fire Power’ and in front Euphorbia. The latter two are evergreen and all are worthy additions for a North County garden (they would be fine in the South County as well). We also have other species of all three.

Samples of our newest items from Africa. This line is named “BlocArt”. The figures are made in Cape Town, South Africa from recycled wood. They are individually hand-crafted in small studios.

New arrivals herald the beginning of the “bareroot” season. They are not, however, bareroot! Our supplier has recently found that growing many of the fruit and berry plants in small containers is beneficial to both grower and customer. Available at this time are figs, pomegranates, berries and olives in this form. Arriving later this month are the bareroot roses and by the first of the year we will have most of our bareroot fruit and shade trees.

All our bulbs are on sale – 25% off! We still have an extensive supply. Keep in mind that daffodils are ignored by gophers; we still have early, mid and late blooming varieties. Dutch iris return for many years and make great cut flowers. Ranunculus are also lovely in bouquets.

‘Yuletide’ is one of our most popular Camellias – especially at this time of the year. We have a good selection of high quality plants from Monrovia Growers. Although Camellias prefer acidic soil, if there is proper drainage they can live for many years, “Bella Rossa” is a lovely red flowering Japonica variety bred by the Nuccio Nursery in Altaadena Ca. in 2002. This old California nursery is responsible for many Camellia introductions over the years.

Just a few ideas for holiday gifts – we have lots! Metal flowers, gloves, boots, colorful ceramic containers, bird baths and much more. We hope you’ll pay us a visit soon!

We have lots of greenery this time of year, including many topiaries and sculptured shrubs. ‘Little Ollie’ is a great table top example; add some festive trimmings and set it outside your door for a holiday welcome. Rounded boxwood shrubs are a great year round accent for the formal garden. Newly arrived are cold hardy plants of pansies, violas, calendulas, snapdragons and stock to fill your winter season with lots of color.