Newsletter for December 2017

Christmas trees are moving out quickly so don’t delay! Shown here is the stately Colorado Blue Spruce, ‘Baby Blue’. The blue-green needles are very striking and the tree itself is shorter than most blue spruces, growing to about thirty feet. For a Charlie Brown effect, you might consider the Pinyon Pine. This tree is native to western states including California, New Mexico and Wyoming. The tree grows slowly to fifteen to twenty feet. An added bonus – pine nuts! If you’re going to keep your tree indoors for a while, we have special instructions.

The many shades of Heuchera, commonly known as coral bells. These are wonderful plants for the shade garden. ‘Lime Rickey’ adds brightness and ‘Fire Alarm’ deep tones of orange and copper. The leaves remain all year and dainty bells top slender stems in the spring. In addition to these colorful varieties, we also stock the native Heuchera maxima. This plant has much larger leaves with ivory bells and is quite tolerant of dry conditions.

Add an exotic touch to your garden. Choose your own hairstyles.

An instant Pyracantha espalier complete with berries! The Pyracantha is an extremely popular plant. Attributes include longevity, durability, year long foliage and berries for the birds. It’s useful as a screen and espaliered against fences.

Time to pull out the row cover or purchase it if you’re without. It’s great for covering tender plants including citrus and succulents. It’s also very useful for covering fruit trees to protect them from hungry birds and other creatures. The fabric is very lightweight allowing water and light to permeate. It is currently on order.

‘Carmine Bells’ is just one variety of the genus Correa. This shrub comes to us all the way from Australia. Correas do extremely well in shade and part shade. They require only minimum irrigation and bloom in the winter. Most varieties are two to three feet tall with a greater spread. They appear to be deer resistant. It’s surprising this plant is so little used. ‘Ivory Bells’, ‘Pink Flamingo’ and ‘Carpenter Rock’ are among other varieties.

Here are just a few ideas for holiday gift giving. Roam around the nursery and see what else tickles your fancy.

It’s that “red and white” time of year! Mix and match Cyclamen, pansies and Dianthus for the holiday look.

These colorful cabbages will remain in the garden all winter. We also have an extensive diversity of pansies and violas. Other annuals include Iceland poppies, sweet smelling stock, snapdragons and English primroses. Brighten your containers and beds for the winter. We just received spinach, brussel sprouts, radicchio, arugula and kale. The bareroot vegetables are artichokes, asparagus, rhubarb and horseradish.

Finally, on a very sad note, we bid farewell to our beloved Sammy, nursery cat extraordinaire and a fixture at the nursery for over fourteen years. He will be sorely missed by all of us and by his feline companions, Yum Yum and Fluffianne. The nursery will not be quite the same without the joy he gave us every day.

We hope to see you during the holiday season. We’ll have Poinsettias, wreaths, Amaryllis and more. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all our plant loving customers!