Newsletter for August 2017

Crape myrtles are at their peak right now and we have many gorgeous specimens. These colorful plants are available in a variety of forms from dwarf shrubs to twenty foot trees. You can train them as dense shrubs or open multi-trunked trees. We’re fortunate that such lovely plants thrive on our hot summer days.

Cannas are also in season and we have some great varieties. Cannas are tubers which die down in winter and return with the warm weather. They add a touch of the tropics to your landscape. Cannas are also successful as container plants. And there’s an added bonus – deer find them quite undesirable!

These unique creatures are fashioned out of old, used metal. They are only a sample of the reasonably priced gift items found throughout the nursery. Come in and browse!

Drama for the shade. The striking leaves of Hostas are worth an empty container in the winter. These lush perennials will quickly fill a large pot and deer resistance is one more plus. Flowers emerge in late summer, but the real beauty is in the foliage. Hostas have leaves of green or blue green and many various types of variegation.

The gorgeous tall Lisianthus are back! The flowers, resembling small roses, are wonderful flowers for cutting. We currently stock ‘Double Rose’ and ‘Blue Mariachi’. The plants are somewhat tender in our winters, but you may be able to hold them over for another year by covering them when the temperatures drop.

Arriving this week, a variety of 6 packs and 8 packs of ground covers, including many succulents. These offer an great way to fill in small areas of your yard that don’t warrant the purchase of an entire flat. Shown here is Sedum lineare variegatum, the ubiquitous prostrate rosemary and ‘Pink Chintz’ Thyme.

Cool off your garden with some bright, white blooms. Shown here is Vinca ‘Cora’. For shady areas, plant white Impatiens. If the heat has done some damage to your containers or flower garden, some of the best annual bets for this hot period are Zinnias, Vinca, Salvia ‘Victoria Blue’ and the new large flowered Portulaca. It’s still not too late to plant heat resistant perennials as well.

It’s the in-between time for vegetables, so fall starts won’t be here for at least another month, but we still have herbs. Right now, you will find some very nice 4″ lemon grass, French tarragon and basil.

Spending more time indoors this time of year? Beautify your surroundings with some handsome house plants. Zamioculcas, the plant on the right is an ancient plant from Africa. It withstands low light and drought; in fact overwatering can be a problem so make sure the plant dries out between waterings.

The native buckwheat, Eriogonum giganteum (St. Catherine’s Lace) in Sacramento and in Atascadero. Another summer blooming California native buckwheat is “Rosy Buckwheat”, a more diminutive plant but very showy.